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They need to finalize jewelry designs by evening, so Veer asks Atharva to choose at least a few. Veer asks Angad what he wants. Sahiba sits in the cafeteria of the college remembering quality time spent with him. A friend asks Angad who is attending a painting exhibition with her as they need to issue passes. Angad imagines Sahiba telling him that simplicity never goes out of fashion and he should choose a simple design.

The song Main Tere Liye Dunye Choddunga plays in the background. When he gets out of his imagination, remembers Sahiba’s bitter words, and asks Veer to keep simple designs from his sight, he realizes simplicity is a lie. Sahiba also remembers their argument and believes Angad doesn’t care for her at all. Her friend asks if she should send passes to Brar mansion. Sahiba tells her friend to give 2 passes for the time being since she doesn’t live there anymore.

Sahiba asks Rumi if he can sit with her. Sahiba says she wants to be alone. Rumi says he is doing his job as professor asked him to take pictures of artists. After he finished taking pictures of other artists, he needed Sahiba’s pictures. The professor notices her password and imagines wiggling his fingers in her hair as he sends her pictures. Sahiba sends them from her gallery.

The Sahiba asks her to go. He purposefully drops coffee on her mobile and as if cleaning it returns it, thinking that he cannot hack her heart at this time, but he hacks her mobile on an initiative. She asks him to return her mobile. He says it looks fine and asks her to unlock it and check it again. She checks. He asks if he can take a picture of her now. She asks him to hurry up. He says he will take pictures later. She leaves checking her mobile. He sees the screen of her phone.

Pam tells Angad that Seerat wants to help him with jewelry design. Photographer says the model is so beautiful, the designs will be really pretty. Veer says Seerat fixed his problem while Sahiba was away. He asks Seerat why she came here, and if he thinks he can’t do anything without Sahiba’s help, he doesn’t need anyone’s help.

It is her regret to disturb Brar Jeweler’s CEO; she likes modeling and wants to promote the designs; she knows until they themselves love them and use them, it won’t work. She shows matching bracelet with necklace and says it doesn’t need matching earrings. Veer says Seerat’s idea is nice. Photographer says it looks elegant. Veer asks models to remove their earrings. She wants to contribute to the family business.

Rumi looks at Sahiba’s mobile screen and feels him getting closer to her. Staff tell him his father Yash is calling him at the dining table. Rumi strolls to the dining table and notices his favorite dishes. Yash walks up to him and says he is happy to see him after a long time and called him to celebrate his son’s success of getting admission to a London Business school. Rumi calls him by name and says he does not wish to attend.

Upon receiving his secretary’s message, Yash grows infuriated upon learning that Rumi did not accept the business school offer. He questions why Rumi would choose to forego completing his MBA and instead join the family business. However, Rumi clarifies that his passion lies in photography and expresses disinterest in the business. Yash, who was absent when Rumi needed him most, becomes resentful and claims that he can fulfill the role of a father but not a “papa.” Meanwhile, Veer expresses gratitude to Seerat for her assistance during the photo shoot. Despite this, Seerat notices that Angad is still consumed by thoughts of Sahiba and becomes frustrated whenever her name is mentioned. She realizes something must be done to help him move on from Sahiba.


He tells Angad that he is a kind man who keeps his promises when he supports someone, and he supported Sahiba, but she betrayed him. She asks him if he thought that if he expressed his feelings to Sahiba, she would accept it. Angad asks how she knows. As Manveer tells family, it was their mistake to force Angad to marry Sahiba and he hopes Angad married Seerat, since only Seerat understands Angad.

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