Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th February 2024 Written Episode: Family Drama Intensifies with Veer and Keerat’s Conflict


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Keerat accuses Veer of spending the night with Garry. Sahiba warns him to stop lying so much. Veer claims she lies to protect her sister and shows Seerat hugging Garry. Santosh yells at Keerat for ruining their dignity. Angad shouts at Garry. Veer says Garry is lying and is not who he claims to be.

As Hansraj says, Garry has been doing his usual stuff here, but they thought he had gone to Delhi. He acts as exerting himself and collapsing. Veer continues, saying he told them about Garry and Keerat earlier, but they didn’t listen, and now he caught them both spending the night together. Garry warns him to stop lying and tries to grab him.

Ajith protects Veer and accuses Garry of continuing his usual nature. The whole family accuses Garry and questions Keerat’s character. Sahiba confronts them and Angad for accusing Garry and the character of assassinating Keerat for believing Veer’s lies. Keerat pleads with her parents that she did not do anything wrong. Ajith informs Santosh that even their third daughter’s marriage was tainted with trouble. Santosh asks God for the problems he has brought into her daughters’ lives.

Angad insists that he listen to Keerat’s explanation of what happened. Sahiba refuses to let him talk to Keerat and says she won’t let her sister suffer more, so he must speak to Keerat first. Veer’s friends taunt him that he lied that he spent the night with Keerat, but instead, his cousin spent the night with Keerat, ruining Veer’s reputation and stardom.

He insists that Veer respects Keerat, but Sahiba refuses. Veer has wholly changed in a few days and has gone rogue. Veer’s friends continue to brainwash him, she says. Veer insists on marrying Keerat. Veer’s friends continue to brainwash him. Sahiba refuses to let Keerat and Veer marry. Veer continues to accuse her of not valuing relationships. When Angad shows Keerat and Garry’s video, Jaspal asks him why he wants to marry Keerat.

He says he loves Keerat, but Sahiba says he doesn’t love Keerat and wants to satisfy his ego. Akaal says enough now; they’ll decide whether a marriage will happen after finding out the truth. Prabjot tongue-lashes Garry for breaking marriage again. Jasleen asks Garry if he did something. Garry says no. Sahiba assures Keerat that she will let Veer marry her no matter what.


She tells Angad that Veer doesn’t respect Keerat, and she will not allow her sister to marry a man who doesn’t respect her. Veer threatens to burn himself alive if he doesn’t marry Keerat. Angad slaps Sahiba to stop her.

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