Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th March 2024 Written Episode: Mauli and Rahul’s Heartwarming Moments

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mauli saying everyone is staying here. She gets happy and makes Kheer. Rahul comes and says I’m lucky for you, give me some kheer. He eats the kheer. She says it’s hot. He says you should have told him that before. She feeds him water. They have an eye lock. She takes kheer for everyone.

Bad Papa says you broke my heart. I had hope for you. You spoke of division. You want property share, Manoj, and you won’t be forgiven. He leaves. She says intentions matter, and if you know that, you’ll praise and forgive me. Ajanta asks why we aren’t going back to Mumbai. Manoj says we’ll go later; just believe me. Mauli gets the Kheer he likes best. Ajanta leaves.

It seems that everyone is staying back, so we should celebrate. Manoj says we must convince them to change their anger into love. She thinks it will happen. Tanvi and Swara prepare food. Ajanta comes to make tea. They argue. Mauli watches. She says I will make tea. Swara scolds her. Janki scolds them, too. She assigns the task to them. They all agree. She tells them they are responsible for helping Jyoti according to their turn.

Janki says Ajanta is responsible for morning and evening tea. Ajanta agrees. Janki tells Jyoti to learn about her rights. She asks Golu to talk to his three uncles about it. She says she does not want any trouble. Manoj, Ajay, and Vijay arrive at the house. Bade Papa asks Janki what she is going to do now. Manoj says you contacted us. Ajanta says yes, you will take care of Akshay’s family expenses.

Ajanta gets up when Maulini goes to wake her up. Ajanta asks who will drink tea at this time. Mauli says the elders will drink tea and come. Ajanta thinks I will just come. Mauli says you have to take a bath and come. Maili says I have kept hot water, please come, I will keep the tea cups ready. Ajanta agrees. She goes to make tea.

Ajanta asks why everyone drinks different tea flavours. Mauli says I’ve asked Jyoti. Mauli assists her in preparing tea. Ajanta adds the tea powder. Swara says Tanvi and Ajanta woke up in the morning. Tanvi says she had to prepare tea. She says no one will like it. Swara says it’s good. They laugh. Ajanta and Mauli get tea for everyone. Ajanta serves everyone tea. Swara and Tanvi watch.

Mauli works to resolve the tension between Ajanta and Janki. She inquires about Janki’s opinion on the tea, then turns to Hari for his thoughts. He responds positively, prompting a smile from Manoj. Nanhe also expresses his appreciation. Mauli suggests that Janki offer Ajanta a gift as a token of gratitude for her culinary skills. However, Janki hesitates, believing a small gift will not satisfy Manoj’s desire for their house. Hari agrees, stating that it would be risky to offer a small gift and suggests adding this amount to the house’s value instead. Turning to Ajanta, he encourages her to accept this offering as her rightful due and their blessings towards her.

Manoj signals Ajanta to take it, and she responds with a smile. He credits Mauli for helping Ajanta secure her place as bahu. Akshay watches on as Manoj expresses his gratitude to Mauli for her assistance. Rahul is also a witness to this exchange. Ajanta shares that she has never failed in any subject before, which impresses Vijay and earns her bonus points. He encourages her to prepare a delicious breakfast, and Janki should appreciate her efforts. Tanvi immediately agrees and asks Janki if she can make Dum aloo and puris today, using Janki’s techniques. Janki approves, and Tanvi is confident about showcasing her talents. Despite being offered tea, Akshay declines and leaves the scene.

She says my tea was a blockbuster, and I look forward to your response to your food. Tanvi asks her to leave. Ajanta leaves. Rahul arrives at Mauli. She accidentally splashes water on him. He laughs. He says he came to give you money, and you made tea. You should get nek. She wonders how he knows that. Keeping it, he says. She slips. He holds her. Dhadak…plays…

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