Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th February 2024 Written Episode Update | Keerat’s Ordeal and Garry’s Intervention


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Veer tries to get intimate with Keerat and says they are getting married anyway. Keerat says it’s inappropriate and he should wait until tomorrow’s wedding. Keerat asks if he called her for this. Veer says she should be happy he wants to love her, many girls were wandering behind and he would have called anyone of them. He says he would call here for anything else.

I’m afraid that’s not right, Keerat says. He angrily says that’s the problem with low-middle-class girls like her. He forcefully kisses her. She pushes him away. He falls, tearing her sleeve. She claims he’s not her Veer and is someone else. He bites her shoulder and nails her back. She pushes him again. He falls and breaks the alcohol glass. Keerat runs away. Veer hurls glass at the door angrily.

While everyone looks at Keerat, she leaves the hotel in shock. Veer runs behind her. Keerat then walks senselessly on the road and bumps into Garry’s cab. Garry is shocked to see her in such a condition. He gets out of the cab, stops Keerat, asks her what happened to her, notices her torn dress and bite marks on her body, and asks who did it.

When Keerat hugs him, Sahiba stops her car and walks to them. Veer reaches there and gets angry, seeing Keerat hugging Veer, but drives away when Sahiba also arrives. Keerat tells Garry who it was. She collapses. She says Veer called her to the hotel room and tried to molest her.

After being moved to a hospital, a doctor confirms that the patient’s vitals are stable despite her shock. Garry, who happened to be delayed on his flight and was meeting a friend nearby, is outraged upon seeing Keerat’s injuries. He desires to inflict serious harm on Veer for his despicable actions. Sahiba comments that Veer has been unreachable, possibly having not returned home. Seerat discovers Angad and Sahiba’s divorce papers and feels relieved. She intends to reveal this information to their entire family before their wedding to expose their deceitful behaviour.

As Ajith prepares for the wedding, Santosh calls Keerat and finds out she’s not picking up. Ajith says she must have gone to a parlour. Santosh says Keeat’s wedding dress and shoes are still here. She calls the parlour lady who says Keerat didn’t reach there. She becomes concerned. Akaal says he is blessed to watch one of his grandchildren marry. Bebe wants to see Angad and Sahiba’s children. Jasleen goes to check on Angad and Sahiba.

Inder gets Angad ready as a groom. When Angad recalls Sahiba expressing his love for her, the counsellor finds no reason to approve their divorce. Inder says Angad is fortunate to have Sahiba as his life partner. Jasleen walks in and asks where Sahiba is. Angad says he must be in a room next to him since he didn’t meet Sahiba after the chuda ceremony. Jasleen says Sahiba’s phone is there, but she is not there. She calls Santosh. Angad thinks where she must be.


Jasleen asks Angad if Sahiba has been found yet. Angad replies no, he will check at her parents’ house. Sahia calls him and informs him Veer and Keerat’s wedding will not occur.

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