Main Hoon Saath Tere 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman’s Disguise and Drama

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

As Janvi enters the hotel suite, she is greeted by the sound of snoring. To her surprise, she finds Aryaman fast asleep on the bed. She uses a unique approach to wake him up, splashing orange juice in his face. Curious about why he sleeps in the luxurious royal suite, Janvi directs her questions to Murali, Aryaman in disguise. Murali explains, claiming that he had travelled a long distance and lost track of time. However, Janvi recalls seeing him enter through a different entrance on CCTV and asks for clarification on where he came from. Without addressing her concerns, Aryaman changes the subject and asks about their training plans. Following Janvi’s suggestion, they both agree to change the bedsheet before beginning their training session.

Meanwhile, Raina reprimands the coach for demoting her son to a water boy. She insists that her son deserves star treatment and demands that Kian be removed from the team. However, the coach explained that Ujwala had arranged for Kian’s admission. Aryaman struggles to change the bedsheet, and when Janvi tries to help, they both end up falling onto the bed.

When Ujwala arrives at Aryaman’s hotel suite, she finds Janvi and him on the bed. Janvi signals for Murali to greet Ujwala and fetch water. She thanks Ujwala for enrolling Kian in the cricket academy, but Raina enters, upset about her son’s situation. Raina accuses Ujwala of feeling sorry for Janvi and using Kian as a water boy. She vows to make sure Aryaman receives no property in Brij Bhushan’s will. Believing it was Janvi’s request, Aryaman offers water to Raina. However, she throws it away and storms off. Janvi then takes the glass from Murali and promises to clean up the mess.

Raina’s words hurt Ujwala, but Aryaman comforts her, saying she will have a child soon and that she can treat him like a son until then. Ujwala asks Aryaman what he wants. Aryaman says he wants to spend time with his father.

When Aryaman attempts to investigate a hotel theft, the finance room is locked. After stealing the keys from the staff, Aryaman agrees to bring his certificates the next day. However, he realizes his plan has failed when he sees staff entering the finance room. He wonders how to obtain his certificates.


The lady asks Dadi if you liked Ritu. She said yes, and that we also liked Janvi. Ritu is excited. She says the kid won’t come with her; he’ll stay with his father. Pushkar interrupts and sarcastically says they don’t know about the father. The lady is shocked and says the child is illegitimate.

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