Anupama 7th February 2024 Written Episode: Anuj and Anupama’s Emotional Confrontation

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Shruti asks Anupama to decide and supervise beverages, starters, main courses, and desserts for the marriage. Anupama says congrats to you both. Anuj thanked her. Anupama says the new relationship will last a long time. Shruti gets a call and tells Anuj that she got a call from the studio, but there were technical problems, and she had to leave. She asks Anuj to sit and says she’ll see him at home. She leaves.

As Anuj summons Anupama towards the kitchen, Aadhya ponders, suggesting an earlier date for Shruti’s wedding to her parents. Anuj then addresses Anu and expresses his desire to converse with her. However, Anupama declines his request, and he pleadingly grasps her pallu. Despite this, she remains firm in her decision not to engage with him. Yet, he persists, holding her hand and demanding answers only she can provide. She reminds him that they have both moved on in their respective lives and emphasizes that this is a professional environment. Nonetheless, he reveals that he has awaited a response from her for five years and implores her again to provide him with closure.

Yashdeep stops Anupama from being bothered, and she retreats to the kitchen in tears. Anuj overhears her crying as the song “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” plays. He places his hand on the kitchen window before leaving with his sunglasses on. As he turns, he notices Anupama crying inside. Yashdeep signals that he has left, and Anuj watches from outside, feeling that it is unfair not to be allowed to ask her questions. Anupama resumes working while Anuj departs, and she watches him leave.

Pakhi talks to the lawyer and asks him to make a strong case against Adhik so that he gets shaken up with the court case name. She says she doesn’t care what is right or wrong; she just wants to win. Baa tells Pakhi to stop the attack. If the mother is a tigress, then the wounded father is a lion. As he listens to them, someone calls him and informs him of Pakhi’s intent to file a lawsuit.

She says she will not give Ishani to him. Baa asks her to settle outside court, and she says your case is weak. She says if Ishani tells a court that she wants to live with Adhik, then your case is over. If you scare and threaten her, she will leave. Pakhi asks Baa, why are you saying this? Vanraj says Baa is right and that the child does what the child wants, even if threatened. You both could be good parents for Ishani, she says.

She says she is sorry for expecting something from you. She thanked them for telling her they were on Adhik’s side and leaving. Vanraj thinks you can do this, at least for Ishani. Babu ji says yes. Pakhi refuses to say sorry, patch up, or settle and says she is sorry for expecting something from you.

It is because of him that this is happening. Babu Ji asks Vanraj to call Adhik and speak to him. Although Adhik cannot hear, he understands Paakhi’s ego is hurt and says he will reply strongly to her. Adhik says he will speak with Vanraj. Adhik says the court will decide now.

In light of Anuj’s words, Anupama says she does not want to get involved in relationships. While packing her clothes, Yashdeep says, “You cannot run away from your relations.” He apologizes for crossing the boundary and inquires if she is running away from Anuj Kapadia. Anupama replies that she wants to get away from him.

Shruti informs Aadhya that Anuj and Joshi Ben have met, and she has requested that she provide catering services for my wedding. She expresses surprise at how quickly her relationship with Joshi Ben has developed into a friendship. Aadhya inquired if she had confirmed her attendance at the wedding. Shruti affirms that Joshi Ben will be there as she had initially promised, but due to an illness, they won’t be able to participate in the event. However, she will still handle the catering for my wedding. Shruti shares that she was initially concerned about Joshi Ben’s health, but after speaking with Yashdeep, she feels fortunate to have such a caring employer.

Anupama asks Yashdeep why you ended the relationship and started fresh. She says she didn’t want him to bear her burden. She says he gave me everything: friendship, love, and respect, and I gave him pain and trouble, breaking his hopes. He asks if he is happy now. She says she loved him so much and couldn’t see his pain. When she learned that he was sad and not happy with her, she said she couldn’t bear his burden.

Aadhya asks Anuj if he is happy to meet her, and he replies that he is sure. I asked you not to meet her, and I asked her to leave, but nobody heard her. Anuj asks when you asked Anupama to leave. Aadhya says yesterday and says she went to her instead of going to school. Anuj asks what you told her.

She says you are more concerned with her than with your daughter. He asks what did you say? Aadhya says we are happy without her, that she has no place in our lives, and that you are marrying Shruti, and I am thrilled. Anuj asks why you told her that. Aadhya says I hate her, and now I hate her even more and wish she could disappear. Anuj becomes upset. Anupama says Shruti will keep Anuj happy. He asks why you are running away then.


Anupama asks Yashdeep if I am doing right. He says he can’t tell. Anuj tells Shruti he has an important meeting, and she tells him to go. Anuj comes to meet Anupama and looks at the mogra flowers.

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