Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Prachi Defends Trishna and RV’s Honeymoon Drama

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As the Manager stated he had a robust security system, Prachi asked for the CCTV footage. She claims it would be evident in the footage if she had stolen. She asks the Inspector to get the footage. The inspector asks Prachi if she is her sister. She says no and knows she is honest, good-hearted, and trustworthy. The Manager calls the CCTV guy and asks him to show the footage on the front screen.

Prachi catches the Manager’s attention and informs him that he accidentally placed her dupatta in her bag. The Inspector responds with an apology, to which the girl replies that it’s alright. Prachi then reminded the manager of basic empathy and noted how he apologized while she accepted it graciously. The Inspector cautions the Manager to be more careful before calling them again. The Manager expresses his remorse once more to the girl, who kindly tells him not to keep apologizing as not everyone is alike and advises him to clarify doubts instead of blindly trusting others. Prachi adds that things wouldn’t have escalated if he had listened to the girl earlier. Finally, the girl suggests they leave together.

Poorvi tells me you’re my husband, but she’s urging you not to leave. She claims she has no desire to go either. RV also refuses to accompany us, saying our thoughts are too similar. Poorvi insists on being left alone. However, RV begs her not to leave him and warns that her constant chatter will ruin his mood. He chides her for speaking without thinking and wonders what would happen if she actually used her brain. In frustration, he exclaims that she’s a mindless girl.

He says you had married a mannerless girl earlier. RV says Monisha is her name, and I was about to marry her. Poorvi asks him to marry her and says she will leave. Poorvi carries the bag and turns to leave, but RV stops her, thinking drama will happen if she does. He says we have to go on honeymoon, even if we do not want Dadu. Poorvi says the same for me. She says she also goes for Dadu and tells him to pack his bags.

As Vaishali asks Deepika what has happened, she replies that she was talking on the phone to Monisha and asked what her mistake is if RV and Poorvi are going on honeymoon. She asked if she had asked me before coming here from London. She asks if everyone works by asking me. Vaishali tells her to relax. Deepika says the volcano needs to be calmed down.

Vaishali asks her to call Monisha and asks her to come back. Deepika says no. Vaishali says Monisha cannot accept defeat so easily. Deepika says you are right. Vaishali thinks we won’t accept defeat and asks her to call Monisha. A phone call from Deepika to Monisha asks her to return for herself. She asks her how she can admit defeat to being her sister and asks her to do so. Vaishali Chachi is here so that we can plan together. Monisha says fine. Deepika says you’re right.

She tells Prachi she didn’t ask her name; she introduces herself as Trishna Jaiswal. Prachi introduces her. Diya says that Maasi helps everyone. Trishna asks Prachi if she isn’t scared of people hurting her. Prachi says no. Diya says Maasi helps everyone. Prachi says no. The gifts are given by Trishna to the basti kids. She asks Prachi to come in her car. Prachi refuses, but Trishna insists. Prachi and Diya are sitting in her car with Trishna.

The following day, Vaishali tells Deepika she will speak to Monisha. Monisha arrives and asks if my pain is childishness, but Deepika asks if she doesn’t have tolerance. Vaishali asks Monisha whether she knows how to handle the situation. Monisha asks if you called to scold me. When RV and Poorvi are not together, Vaishali says we are your friend and want your betterment, and whatever RV does is for revenge. She asks why you say the same thing when there is nothing between them.

She asks her not to blame Deepika. She says you are our choice, and we are with you always. She asks if you understand. Monisha answers yes. Deepika offers to speak with her about the reality. She leaves. Dadi enters the kitchen. She informs Dadi that she is making some food to eat on the way and says that at least food will be with us so we don’t have to worry. A bedsheet, a gas stove, black pepper, salt, vegetables, spices, and atta are asked to be kept.

Poorvi inquires about how to handle everything. Dadi chuckles and reassures her that such measures are unnecessary. She suggests that they enjoy the food available at the Dhaba. Prachi interrupts with a phone call for Dadi, who answers and learns that Prachi is preparing food for their journey and asks if she has any messages for Poorvi. Prachi replies that Dadi’s presence will be enough to get through to Poorvi. Filled with admiration, Dadi compliments Poorvi’s innocence, loveliness, and kindness. She expresses her gratitude to Prachi for introducing Poorvi into their lives. In return, Prachi expresses her appreciation for both of them. Dadi then checks in with Prachi’s well-being, to which she responds by confessing her uncertainty about how she will manage without Poorvi.

Monisha says RV said he would go. Deepika says if RV spends a night with Poorvi, he will become hers. Monisha says RV can’t do that. Deepika says he’s a man.


RV says the honeymoon can be cancelled if the client refuses, but who will refuse? Ranbir talks to RV and asks him to transfer the deal you signed with Ajmera to my name so we can meet tomorrow. When Ranbir tells someone that Poorvi is his daughter, she will be happier if she goes on her honeymoon, so I will not meet with RV tomorrow.

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