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Suhaagan 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with the Inspector presenting Payal’s statement video to Bindiya and Baldev. Baldev insists that Bindiya is innocent, and the Inspector releases her. As they exit the police station, Baldev questions how Payal could have saved Bindiya. However, Bindiya clarifies that Payal didn’t save her but has devised a plan against her. Krish interjects, asking why they would let Bindiya go free. Payal explains that she has already lost her baby and doesn’t want to lose her sister as well. She adds that she can’t bear to see Bindiya suffering in jail and starts coughing. Krish offers to get her some water and leaves.

Payal drinks juice and assures that she is not foolish. She explains that if there is a police investigation, her true intentions will be revealed. Bindiya points out that Payal would have been exposed if she had mentioned Bindiya’s name, so she chose to keep quiet. Bindiya expresses her frustration about how Payal has manipulated Krishna Ji and Indu to see her in a positive light while simultaneously blaming Bindiya for the fictional death of her baby. Pankaj receives a call from Bindiya, and after hearing everything, he decides to bring Nidhi over. However, Bindiya requests him not to come as she doesn’t want Nidhi or their unborn baby to be associated with Payal’s deceitful actions.

Indu and Krish come home with Pal. They see baby stuff. Sakshi says the interior decorator got it delivered today. Indu cries when she sees the toy. Payal acts as if she is crying loudly. Baldev and Bindiya arrive home. Krish prevents Bindiya from coming in, but Indu says you are a butcher. Krish gives her 2 minutes to leave his house. Baldev asks Krish to stop and says he has something to tell him.

Upon asking if you are here to defend Bindiya, Krish says nobody will play with the toys anymore. Baldev says Payal isn’t pregnant. Indu asks him why he is lying and suggests Nidhi is pregnant. Baldev says Nidhi is pregnant. They don’t believe him and tell Nidhi is fed up with Bindiya. Bindiya says Pallu is close to you, so you don’t see her truth. She asks him to call Nidhi.

If this is your last wish, I will make it a reality. Payal gets up and says that there is no need to prove anything. Krish says he will close his mouth. He calls Nidhi. Nidhi picks up the call. He says he is fed up with Bindiya’s daily lies and asks if Payal was acting pregnant and if you were pregnant as well. When Nidhi asks how he can believe Bindiya, she says she is not pregnant, and Payal is not lying. She ends the call.

Then Pankaj shouts Nidhi. Bindiya calls Pankaj, but Nidhi does not let him answer. Nidhi asks him to hear about what happened today. When Nidhi receives the parcel, she sees the baby stabbed in the face. She shows it to him. Pankaj says Payal is scaring you. Nidhi says she is dangerous and asks if she stabs my baby, then what will happen to my baby? Bindiya will not want anything to happen to my baby, she says.

Indiya says Jija ji won’t answer the phone. Krish says everyone knows you’re a fraud. He says today, your sins’ calculations will be done. Sakshi tells Vikram it seems they’ll regain their political power. She says we’ll give Mummy ji the heir and become kings and queens again. He tells Baldev he’s with the murderer and not with his family. He won’t let him in his house.

As Bindiya cries, Krish asks him to choose between his son and the murderer. Baldev asks, “What foolishness?” Krish says that if you support Bindiya, I’ll drink poison and leave you forever. Bindiya shouts no, Krishna ji. Indu says you want to die for this disgusting girl. Krish says that it’s up to Papa to decide my fate.

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