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Krish eats a toffee as he recalls Dadi’s words. He says everyone has something to offer, but I don’t know what to do, so I’m sorry I stole that box. Dad is correct, and I’m a loser. As soon as he hears footsteps, he pretends to be sleeping. He hears Sanjay say, “Make a record in sleeping, you’re nothing.” He leaves. Krish cries. Abhira runs to the table and looks for breakfast. She says, “I don’t know what breakfast is.”.

Dadi reminds everyone that breakfast doesn’t make itself. It needs to be prepared. Abhira responds by mentioning that she prepares breakfast daily but, unfortunately, has to leave for an internship today. Dadi then challenges her to make breakfast despite her busy schedule. But Abhira declined, saying she would make it tomorrow as she had to leave soon. Dadi suggests they fast today and eat tomorrow instead. Just then, Armaan arrives and mentions that breakfast is not ready. He offers to leave without eating, but Abhira insists on making something for everyone so they don’t go on an empty stomach. Vidya asks if she can make something in just 5 minutes, to which Manoj jokingly responds with a playful comment.

You did a good job, Maasa, but she can play well. Dadi says we’ll wait five minutes and see. Kajal says you permitted her to do an internship. Dadi says I’m doing it for my family, so she should finish her work and leave. Abhira gets the food. Dadi asks what this is. Abhira tells him it’s wet poha, which is very healthy. He can make anything you want. Manisha says it’s better to stay hungry.

In response, Vidya asks if anyone eats this wet poha and salad. Abhira says yes, try it and see. Aryan tastes it and declares it very tasty. Vidya asks how it tastes. Everyone says it is delicious. The family sits down to eat. Abhira thinks I’ll go. Dadi says you fed the family, but your husband has gone to work without food. Abhira sees the clock and leaves. I will make Armaan sandwiches so he won’t go hungry. Suwarna and Surekha knock on Manish’s door and ask him to open it. Manish recalls Akshu’s words and says Akshu might have contacted me about Abhir. He calls her and gets her number.

Suwarna goes in and asks what happened. Akshu says she isn’t taking my call. She consoles him. Ruhi says Armaan might be hungry so that I will leave. Surekha goes and gets the duplicate keys. The phone stops ringing. Surekha opens the door.

Having to deliver her husband’s tiffin, Abhira asks the driver to hurry up. He says to move aside. She sits to fix the auto issue. Ruhi passes by in the car. Abhira says, “I’m the best. I don’t have time.” She drives the auto. Man moujiyaan…play…The driver asks her to drive carefully. Ruhi thinks about getting there fast. She tells her about Armaan. You’ll get paid to sit back, let me concentrate, I have to deliver the tiffin.”

He says the day I get late, everything gets wrong. Abhira comes. She gets hurt by the table corner. He holds her. She gives him breakfast and leaves. He smiles. Ruhi arrives. Armaan says Abhir…. Ruhi says I came second as always. She says it’s okay, you can’t have it. He asks if you have food. She says no, I thought you’d be hungry. He keeps Abhira’s tiffin. He says, “Wow, I love peanut butter sandwiches, you also eat them, it’s yummy.”.

Ruhi thinks Armaan ate the food I got. I know his likes and dislikes so that he might have something in his heart. Manish holds the manager’s feet and asks him to give him Abhir’s number. He gets up and asks the manager how much money he wants. The manager shouts at him and asks him to leave. It’s a market, I’m asking for help, now I’ll make a deal. He asks one lakh… two lakh… 10 lakhs… The manager says the deal is done.

Ink is used on paper, not clothes, according to Manish. Abhira sees the stains on her shirt. She goes to the washroom and cries. Charu gets the number. Abhira says sorry, I got late. The man says we don’t use ink on clothes. Abhira cries. She says I lied at home, I can’t come in front of you, everyone is doing me wrong, sorry.


In celebration of Madhav and Vidya’s anniversary, Dadi says a havan will be held, and a party will be hosted. Ruhi says Armaan. Dadi says done. Armaan comes and says no. Abhira watches.

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