Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Abhira’s Sacrifice Unfolds

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 23rd February 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Ruhi tending to Abhira’s burn. Abhira resists, causing Ruhi to question if she disagreed with Armaan. Enraged, Abhira shoves her and is reprimanded by Dadi. As others gather, Abhira apologizes and retreats to her room in tears. Yuvraj’s audio message plays, reminding her to keep quiet like she did in the kitchen and follow his rules. Dadi scolds Armaan for not controlling his wife, but he defends her. Another audio message comes through as Ruhi calls out the excuses being made for Abhira’s behavior.

Armaan has expressed concern that something may be troubling her, and it is my responsibility to investigate. Abhira takes notice of the file and remembers Dev. She discreetly places the file in Charu’s purse, passing on the case to her and encouraging her to work hard towards becoming a successful lawyer. Before leaving, she leaves a message for Krish and shows gratitude towards Vidya by touching her feet and presenting her with a gift for Madhav. Abhira praises Vidya for accepting Armaan and shaping him into a kind-hearted individual, hoping her other son will return home soon. She leaves Madhav’s badge as a token of appreciation before visiting Dadi. Abhira thanks Dadi for accommodating her in their home by leaving some money as a gesture of gratitude.

As Manoj and Manisha prepare for sleep, Abhira smiles. She says I would have got the cutest couple trophy for you, and I got you an evil eye protector. She keeps it there. Armaan says Abhira’s mood will improve when she eats her favorite ice cream. Ruhi says she knows she has to fight and cannot talk calmly like her elders. He says I know her well, my patience also ends sometimes, I know she doesn’t speak well, but she listens to me, so I stay with her. He goes.

In her closet, Abhira finds clothes and jewelry. Yuvraj calls. Armaan arrives. Yuvraj calls Abhira… answer my call… He calls again. She answers. He plays the song Badri ki Dulhania and dances. He says Baby, we’ll get married in Dubai. Armaan shows Abhira the icecream. It’s Yuvraj’s way of saying we’ll be welcomed by flowers, we’ll plan our future and go to the wedding venue. Abhira signs Armaan.

You will see the mandap and hug me in less than 12 hours. Rest well, dream about me. Good night. He ends the call. Armaan says icecream has become an icecream shake, I got your favorite. Abhira says she doesn’t want it, but he stops her and says let me go. He says no, you were talking on the phone, you are stressed, worried. She is unsure if you are my real husband. He says that it is about right for me to ask you if you are afraid, answer me. She argues.

He repeats his question. She reminds him that she has already answered multiple times before. He insists that he knows her well. She admits to being in a bad mood, explaining that today was particularly rough for her. He urges her to be honest with him. He embraces and assures her that he can fix everything if she tells him what is wrong. Her mind flashes back to Armaan’s words. He persistently asks for the last time. She quips sarcastically, wondering what he intends to do about it anyway. He brings up Akshara Mam’s teaching of always telling the truth, adding that she behaves like a spoiled child. She defiantly agrees and asks him to leave her alone. He declares that he will go but warns her that if he does so this time, he will never return, no matter how much she begs for his return. She adamantly tells him not to return and orders him to leave immediately. He walks away as she sits crying in regret, apologizing for causing him so much trouble and pain.

She writes an apology letter for Armaan. He says she is worried, but why is she silent? She keeps the diary under the bed. She sees his family pictures and smiles. She says we didn’t know our strange story would end before one year. As Armaan sees the dreamcatcher, he recalls Abhira.


Dadi pushes Abhira out of the house and asks her to leave. Abhira goes to Yuvraj. Yuvraj says we will be in Dubai soon. Ruhi says Abhira is making a great sacrifice to save Vidya. Abhira prays. Armaan says Abhira can’t leave the house like this. Ruhi worries.

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