Mangal Lakshmi 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi’s Decision and Mangal’s Support

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

Adit scolds Lakshmi, saying, “Because of your actions, your sister had to beg Nitin to delete your videos. He even asked her to rub her nose on his shoes. He wouldn’t have deleted the videos even if she did that.” Lakshmi asks, “Did you rub your nose in front of that man?” Mangal interjects, “Adit arrived just in time. He taught Nitin a lesson and made him delete everything. He won’t dare to do that again. Adit threatened to report him to the cybercrime cell.” Lakshmi says, “Thank you, Jiju, for coming at the right time and saving my sister from begging him. You saved me as well.”

I don’t know what to do until you create another issue, Adit says. Please think before you do something about its impact on others. Both families get into trouble. Stop using your brain. Mangal says you’re right. You helped us. How did you know I was here? Your mom called. She was upset. She was crying. I’m not sure what you guys want to do. Kusum calls. Adit wants us to go home.

Kusum is grateful that Adit arrived on time. Mangal, it was not wise of you to go there alone. Shanti blames Lakshmi for putting herself in harm’s way to break this curse. Lakshmi apologizes for causing any trouble and suffering. Mangal reassures her not to apologize, and Lakshmi agrees with Chachi Ji’s words. She understands everyone’s concerns about her upcoming wedding and wants to alleviate them by declaring she no longer wishes to get married. She will focus on work instead and promises not to meet with any potential families. However, Mangal insists she can’t live alone.

The Goddess says: Please. There won’t be any proposals for me. You’ve got to swear on me. Mangal says you’ll be alone for your whole life. Kusum says I’ll look for your proposal. Lakshmi isn’t just your responsibility. She thinks I’ll devise a proposal to shock everyone in a week. Shanti asks if you’ve already spoken. Kusum says you can consider that. Everyone seems confused.

Karthik sits in his studio, unable to sing. Jiya notices his troubled expression and asks what is wrong. He explains that the situation with Lakshmi has left him feeling angry, and he wishes to confront the person responsible. He questions why some families have no respect and laments that the event would never have occurred if he had known earlier. However, Jiya advises him to stop worrying about Lakshmi and focus on their relationship. She understands his concern for her but believes it may be best for her to find someone else. Karthik suggests talking to Rohan about it, but Jiya reminds him that interfering is not his place. They both look forward to their mothers’ upcoming meeting, with Jiya eagerly anticipating the occasion while Karthik can’t help but feel sorry for Lakshmi.

Gayatri is questioning Kusum about Lakshmi’s proposal for Karthik. Jiya’s mother will be visiting tomorrow to finalize the marriage. Kusum asks Gayatri what her decision is. Gayatri expresses her dislike for the girl, but Kusum only gives her a week to decide despite knowing that Karthik loves Jiya and will not agree. Mangal suggests meeting with Jiya’s mother tomorrow, being polite but not committing to a yes. Kusum reminds Gayatri to do what she feels is right while stating that Karthik and Lakshmi are meant for each other. They must overcome these obstacles in their path.

Karthik receives a call, and Lakshmi quickly inquires about the caller’s identity. After realizing it’s Karthik, she apologizes for her initial brashness. Curious about how he obtained her number, he explains that he found it. He then asks if she is doing well. Lakshmi reassures him she is fine and has already let go of their previous encounter. In a heartfelt gesture, Karthik predicts a bright future for her, filled with love and respect from her future partner. Karthik spots some balloons as they continue chatting, and one accidentally lands near Lakshmi. He kindly reminds her to take care before parting ways. Shortly after, Lipika calls Lakshmi to inform her of an urgent location that their mother sent. This news causes Lakshmi to become anxious and worried about what awaits her at the designated spot.

Mangal serves the food. Mangal asks Kusum, “Why didn’t you stop Gayatri for dinner?” Adit retorts, “Is there a festival? Haven’t we faced enough humiliation because of your poor decisions? We all suffer because of them.” Kusum interjects, “Let it be. I will take responsibility now.” Adit counters, “That’s not your responsibility. It’s not easy to find a match for an uneducated girl. Where will we find a guy who earns well and is educated? Why would he marry Lakshmi? He’d want an educated wife, too.” Papa says, “Let your mom handle it.” Kusum confidently adds, “I will bring you all good news this week.”

Shanti takes Lakshmi to a baba ji known for his magical abilities. Confused, Lakshmi questions their purpose for being there. The Baba Ji then reveals that he can see the consequences of Lakshmi’s past sins and warns that she will bring unhappiness to those around her. Shanti agrees with his assessment, citing how Lakshmi’s actions have already caused harm to their family. The Baba ji advises that Lakshmi must apologize sincerely and fast for three days without drinking water to repent for her wrongdoings. Still unsure about the situation, Lakshmi turns to Shanti, who insists she must do what the baba ji instructs.

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