Mangal Lakshmi 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi Confronts Lipika

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Mangal catches Lipika red-handed, trying to steal money from Lakshmi’s shop. She says she’s ashamed. Are you stealing? Lipika says she only has pennies. Who would steal them? Mangal says shame yourself. Shanti arrives. She says Lipika was stealing. We own this shop. She asks Lipika to apologize to Lakshmi. Lakshmi is irresponsible. Shanti asks why she kept them open.

She says why should I blame her? She earns money from this house and abandons her education for money. Question the one who was allowed to study but does not focus. It would be best if you guided her instead of spoiling her. Chacha says I agree. Shanti says she’s not spoiled at all. She has no money for clothes. Aks Lakshmi, where did she hide the money? She puts money in a drawer.

It’s Lakshmi who says she works alone. She says she takes care of all expenses, including Lipika’s education. You keep shouting at her. She says Lipika, come with me. Lipika says I have to go to group studies. Lakshmi says I can pack with you. Sonu will handle the shop. Mangal asks Lakshmi to go shopping with her. Lakshmi says let me go to the temple. We’ll meet outside. Mangal agrees.

As Gayatri and Kusum enter the temple, Gayatri says she did the pooja for Karthik, but he couldn’t come due to essential work. Kusum says you did it, and it’s just as good. You’re his mother. She gives Lakshmi’s kundli to Gayatri and says Mangal wants Lakshmi’s kundli. I want to help Mangal because she is an orphan. If you can find a good match for Lakshmi, let me know. Gayatri apologizes that I cannot do that.

Kusum says you want a nice girl for Karthik. I can help an orphan girl, it’ll help you find Karthik a nice girl too. Gayatri says the people I know are very high class, and finding a proposal for Lakshmi there isn’t easy. Kusum gets upset. Gayatri says you know. Kusum says I understand. I can talk to my driver or manager. They may know someone.

In Gayatri’s words, she wants to find Karthik a good girl. Kusum says Lakshmi is there. Gayatri says what? Kusum says Lakshmi is here. Lakshmi meets them there. According to Kusum, Lakshmi is different from most girls these days. She’s very well-cultured. Lakshmi promises to help Mangal pack tonight, and Kusum says it’s a good idea. Karthik sings at the studio. Lakshmi wrote the lyrics.

Lakshmi kindly gives food to underprivileged children. Gayatri inquires about her actions. Kusum responds that she is providing meals for those in need. She is compassionate and dedicated, diligently managing her business and household responsibilities. Shanti may be critical of her, but Lakshmi remains kind-hearted. It’s rare to find girls like her; most only care about partying and their husbands, neglecting the relationships with their mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. However, Lakshmi even showed great respect for me. She exhibits excellent manners, which I admire.

Karthik hugs Jia. Does he say Jia? She asks how do you know my name? He says how can I forget. She says why did you not come to meet me? He says I had an important meeting. Karthik hugs Jia and says I’m sorry. I was furious at you. I am afraid of losing you if I am away from you.

Karthik says it’s okay. She says we have one solution: Stay close to me. He says I’m always yours. Talk to your mom. There will be no more fights. The media won’t talk about you with other girls anymore. He says I’ll talk to Mom. He hugs Jia. She says thanks. I know it’s hard. He thinks I’ll handle everything. He leaves to go home.

While looking for an auto, Nitin splashes Lakshmi and Mangal with dirt. Suddenly, he asks, “Did you recognize me?” Nitin, not Sachin. Mangal says go from here. He says, rejecting me again. Lakshmi says go from here. He asks if he still does not have a spouse. Did nobody like you after me? My offer is still open. Mangal tells her not to bother with her. Lakshmi says go from here. Mangal says to ignore her.

Jia and Karthik enjoy the ice cream in the car. Jia says don’t ditch the promise. It would be best if you talked to Aunty about us soon. Mangal looks for an auto. Nitin says you can come to my car. Mangal says go from here. He says I like your actions. Lakshmi says we kicked you out that day. We showed you your worth. He says see my worth and yours. Get lost with your car and find your fourth wife. Mangal says go from here.

The girl says we don’t have pennies for you. He gets out and holds Lakshmi’s hand. Suddenly, someone shoves Nitin. It’s Karthik. He hits him. He says, “How dare you touch her?” Nitin asks, “Is she your wife?” Jia asks, “How can this girl always get around Karthik?” Karthik hits Nitin. He says shut up and apologize. You disgusting man. Nitin apologizes to Lakshmi. Karthik says he must never touch a girl again. Nitin runs away from the scene.

It was Mangal who asked Lakshmi if she was okay. Karthik picked up their things. He wondered who he was. Mangal said it was the same man I saved Lakhsmi from. Karthik promised he wouldn’t do it again. Lakshmi said thanks, Karthik. You came again. Mangal said he wouldn’t do it again. Karthik said a woman’s respect is a man’s respect. He deserved it.

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