Anupama 9th February 2024 Written Episode: Anuj and Anupama’s Heartfelt Conversation

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Aadhya asks Shruti about AK. Aadhya says he works in his room and asks her to wear the dress they bought last month. Shruti says that’s okay, but it’s your birthday. Aadhya says that’s fine. She says that AK doesn’t forget about me and that she’s sure that he has something planned since she’s now his fiance.

Aadhya asks her not to be late and to talk to her parents about getting mahurat for marriage. She tells her she wants her to become Mrs. Kapadia soon. She asks Shruti to give Anuj the surprise gift.

It gets shocking to see two men sitting on the sofa, with Pari bringing board games to play with them. Kinjal says they hope Mummy gets well and life gets back to normal. She shouts to Toshu and asks who they are. Toshu says they are my friends and business partners and asks her to bring coffee. Kinjal refuses to give them coffee, asks him to come to the room, and says we need to talk. The guy tells them to leave or else the train will depart. Toshu says he will bring the bag.

Sheela Ben, a neighbor, brings Dimpy a marriage alliance after his wife left him and their young daughter. She says Dimpy will become a father if he marries that guy, and the girl will become a mother if he marries that guy. Baa and Babu Ji are advised not to show their faces to anyone if Dimpy elopes with someone. Babu ji tells her to mind her talks and says you are talking about my wife.

Vanraj comes to Sheela and says she is my daughter and asks her not to interfere in his family matters. Sheela replies that she is talking about her betterment and gets upset. Nobody should worry about Dimpy until he is alive. Babu Ji asks Baa if Dimpy wants to go and says she can’t send her from here, as Ansh will also go. Sheela says she is talking about her betterment.

She tells Toshu she has told him about such people for three years, but he has not left her. Kinjal gives Pari headphones and a mobile phone. She says we might be deported due to your friendship with some men and asks what you think about bringing them home. Kinjal says don’t tell them I’m doing business with them because they’re good people. He says you misbehaved with me before them.

In response to Kinjal’s question, she says you will get a good job since you are an MBA and asks her to search for him. Toshu says I want to do something big and can’t run like you behind for a job. He wants a king-sized life. Toshu kisses Pari’s head and Kinjal’s forehead and tells the guy he’s coming back in 2 to 4 days. Kinjal cries and asks her not to leave.

Aadhya requests Anuj to pen some heartfelt verses on Shruti’s birthday card. As he considers doing so, Shruti contemplates returning the gesture with a gift. Meanwhile, Aadhya reflects on how she managed to keep her mother from interfering, hoping things will improve now. Just as Anuj is about to start writing, his phone rings and Anupama is on the other end. He answers with a simple hello, and she regrets not meeting him the day before. She asks if they can reschedule for tomorrow, and he agrees. As they hang up, Kuch na kaho plays in the background while Anupama tearfully says goodbye.

When Anuj says we will meet tomorrow, he asks her what to say. She asks what? He says anything and says that sometimes even bye isn’t enough. He says even me. She asks whether she should end the call. Anuj says bye. While Anupama keeps the phone down, she doesn’t end the call. She places the phone on the bed and packs her clothes in the trolley. His silence can be heard as he remains on the phone.

Kavya inquires of Vanraj whether he won’t question her destination. Vanraj wonders if she has a split personality to ask such a thing. Kavya clarifies that she plans to take Mahi for a picnic. Vanraj acknowledges her concerns about Dimpy’s future and reveals that he has decided to become a ghar jamai (son-in-law living with his wife’s family). He believes this will not only provide Dimpy with a life partner but also prevent Ansh from being separated from them. Kavya questions if he selectively hears half of what is said. She reminds him of their previous discussion about Titu and Dimpy, pointing out that they both have feelings for each other.

I don’t like that guy, Vanraj says. When Kavya asks why, he tells her that he earns well, respects elders, behaves well, and loves Dimpy. She says if you get Dimpy, you can marry any random guy. She says Titu would be better than any other girl because he is willing to move to Ahmedabad.

Anuj hears from Adhya that Shruti went out to decorate the house. She asks if he is talking to anyone. He says he feels the music, which gives him peace. He keeps the gift card in his pocket after writing Anu’s name. When Anupama takes the phone, the call is disconnected. She arrives holding her trolley and tells Beeji that she will be leaving. She says she has given her so much love but must leave.

In response to Adhya’s request, Anuj goes to bring the gifts. She checks his phone and finds the password changed. She worries that he is meeting Anupama. Anuj thinks he does not want to hide anything from Shruti. Keeping her children’s photo frame in the hotel storeroom, Anupama says Beeji and Yashdeep gave me great respect and love, but she can’t burden them.


Anupama asks if I’m doing right. Yashdeep asks how can a third person know. Anupama says my mind says I’m doing right, but my heart’s afraid. Anuj goes to meet Anupama and lies to Shruti. Shruti orders him to leave. Anuj goes to meet Anupama.

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