Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

It’s Shiv who grabs Ranjan’s son and says, “I’ll kill him.” Ranjan says he can’t. Payal asks Ranjan to stop this all; their son is going to die, so please stop it all. Ranjan asks his goons to put their guns down. They all do. Shiv asks Ranjan to throw his weapon away. Ranjan throws his gun away. Shiv asks Dharam and Nandu to take the guns and lock the goons in a room. They do.

Shiv embraces his son and remembers their whispered conversation, where he urges him to pretend to be in pain. He expresses his gratitude, and his son quickly goes over it to Payal. Turning to Ranjan, Shiv questions if he truly believes he would harm a child. He reminds him that people like himself are capable of such actions, not them. As Dharam and Nandu place their guns on the table, Ranjan’s brother-in-law tries to sneak away unnoticed, but Manorama catches him and declares she won’t let him off easily. With a forceful slap, she presents him with her gift and rhetorically asks if it satisfies his greed. Continuing her retribution, she delivers another stinging slap and declares it as her response to his previous acts of violence towards her.

Shiv grabs Ranjan and beats him badly. Shiv thanks Ragunath for helping him. She slaps him. She says how dare you raise your hand on my Chachi. She slaps him. He tries to run, but Shiv grabs him. Dharam beats him up badly. All family members beat him up. Shiv tells guests to stay for the movie. Shakti’s family beat up Ranjan’s brother-in-law. He says one minute… it’s all Ranjan’s fault. He wanted to marry Shakti and had evil eyes on her.

She recalls him misbehaving with her. She goes to him and slaps him hard. She says he always had evil eyes on me, thinking he would have rights over me. He character assassinated me for speaking out. She says you crossed limits with me, saying he has a right as my brother-in-law, but you do not have any rights. You have no shame even for your wife. It should not be acceptable for people like you to live in this society. I should have been your sister-in-law, but you were shameless.

She gets mad at Shiv and says, “Did you hear that sister-in-law is a sister?” Shiv needs clarification. Mandira grabs Ranjan and slaps him hard. All look on. She says you are a cheap man. You are already married and still eyeing other girls. I was a fool and thought I’d give you another chance. She beats him up and takes him aside. She tells him he will be sent to jail if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut. She throws him away.

Chacha takes hold of Ranjan and exclaims, “I suspected my daughter because of your actions.” Shiv pipes in, “He trapped me in a room and attempted to electrocute me.” Rimjhim states, “He’s nothing but a despicable man.” Chacha confesses his regret, “I feel foolish for doubting Shiv over you. I even insulted his family because of you. As a father, I failed.” He apologizes to Shakti, who reassures him, “You’re still my father. Don’t say that.” She embraces him. Chacha also apologizes to Shiv, who embraces him and says, “There is no need to apologize.”

As soon as Chacha apologizes to Dadi, she says you should be proud of your daughters; this is your upbringing. Raghunath thinks we’d have acted as you did, so we’re not angry. Mandira thinks they’re acting like a joint family now. A guest arrives and asks what’s going on. As Ranjan is a cheater, she says we should dance. She does havan and doeszes off the fire. She takes ash and applies it to Ranjan’s face. She says you only deserve a black face.

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