Anupama 20th November 2023 Written Episode: An Emotional Rollercoaster at Shah House!

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Upon arriving at the Shah house, Anupama is taken aback to find Baa and Babu ji lying unconscious on the floor. Choti promptly urges Anupama to join her, but Malti Devi offers her soup with a hand gesture. Choti declines and asks why their mother went there. Anuj quickly defends his mother and advises against speaking ill of her. Meanwhile, Malti Devi expresses concern for Choti’s well-being and wonders why Anupama went to the other household. Anuj explains that Baa requires Anupama’s presence due to her illness. Malti Devi then points out that Leela already has Hasmukh, Dimpy, and Kavya with her, questioning why Anupama would also go there, comparing it to being on two sinking ships. Anuj observes their conversation without intervening.

While calling them, Anupama’s handshakes. They open their eyes, relieving Anupama. Baa says Anupama. Anupama makes Baa get up and make her sit. She asks, “How did this happen?” Baa says he was taking me to the bathroom, and because of me… Babu Ji says my foot twisted, and I couldn’t balance it, so I fell. He says he called everyone, but nobody came. My clothes got ruined because I couldn’t control myself.

He says this happens when he is sick. Anupama says I’ll clean it and tells her not to worry. Babu ji says we remembered you and called you. Taking Baa to the bathroom is her next step. She makes him sit on the chair. After changing Baa’s clothes, she makes her sit on the bed and wipe Baa’s face. Baghban song plays……She makes her sit on the bed and wipes Baa’s face. After applying roller balm to Babu ji’s foot, she becomes worried about Choti, then she starts making Babu ji laugh.

Barkha inquires Malti Devi why she was arguing with Anuj, given that he never listens. Malti Devi responds by mentioning how much Anuj does for her children and how it leaves her with little time for Choti. Pakhi interjects, pointing out the irony of Malti Devi’s accusations since she left her son at an orphanage. This leads to Malti Devi reminding Pakhi to stay within her limits. Pakhi retorts by bringing up Buddy’s involvement in managing things for Mummy and the kids. Malti Devi questions why Pakhi doesn’t look after Choti when their mother visits Shah’s house—Pakhi counters by accusing Malti Devi of spending all day plotting and scheming with Barkha’s aunt.

Barkha and Pakhi’s conversation reveals their ongoing conflict. While Barkha admits to behaving poorly with her husband, my brother, who works all day and has to come home to deal with her tantrums, Pakhi criticizes Barkha for mistreating her husband, Ankush’s uncle. In response, Pakhi reminds Barkha to control her behavior and stay within boundaries. Malti Devi also joins in, questioning Barkha’s manners and pointing out the irony of her lecturing others on parenting when she abandoned her son. Fed up with the situation, Barkha tells Pakhi to shut up, but Pakhi fires back and advises Barkha to earn respect rather than demand it. With that, Pakhi leaves while Barkha complains about being told off by Pakhi. Malti Devi then emphasizes that it’s time for everyone in the house to prove their worth as she plans to kick out those who don’t measure up.

Kavya and Dimpy apologize and shed tears as they explain that they were not intentionally ignoring Sarla’s argument. They had gone out to buy fruits, which caused them to arrive late. Anupama reassures them and encourages them to drink some water. Babu ji then suggests that Anupama join them in sitting down. As Anupama thinks about Choti, she sits down with them and gently takes their hands, placing them against her cheeks. Babu Ji shares that it was the first time he had felt helpless and mentioned how some people fear old age for this reason. He also reveals that they were afraid of dying before one another. Anupama comforts him and advises him not to dwell on such thoughts. Baa adds that they do not want to be a burden on her. Anupama reminds them that having elders in the family is a blessing that only fortunate individuals are granted.

She believes that family bonds are unbreakable, regardless of age. She encourages her loved ones to embrace the wisdom and knowledge that come with old age rather than feeling ashamed. She firmly believes that the younger generations benefit significantly from having older family members by their side. She urges them not to label themselves as “old” and not worry about anything, assuring them of her unwavering support. As Anupama prepares to leave, Babu ji and Baa express their concern for her well-being without Anupama’s presence. Kavya and Dimpy reassure them that they are there to provide support. Babu ji reminds everyone to prioritize rest for themselves.

She tells Choti that Baa is ill, so she leaves. She asks Choti if she is angry with her. Choti says no. She says she missed her. Anupama says I missed you too and says she brought magic for her, showing her the toys and balloons. Anupama says you are my jaan…She says your fever has gone. Choti says it was scared of Sher Khan. Anupama thinks of Baa.

Baa and Babu ji get emotional. Kavya and Dimpy think of Vanraj and Samar. Kavya says they should laugh to make them laugh. Dimpy agrees.

According to Anupama, Choti’s reports are okay. She tells Romil that you care for her so much. Romil says he used to get annoyed with children before, but since Choti tied her Rakhi, he’s taken care of them both. He reminisces and shares his childhood moments with her, and he tells of getting teary eyes when everyone was taking care of Choti, and he wanted someone to hold his head. She then keeps her hand on him.

Anupama says I’m always there for you, blesses him to be a big man and live long. He says he’s going to miss her when he goes to America. Romil hugs her and tells her she’s Anupama, as her name implies. He asks her not to let Malti devi stay in the house and says she’ll separate you two. He goes and says she’ll be fine.

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