Anupama 18th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Written Episode of Anupama 18th April 2023, Written Update on

Anupama is hugged by Paakhi as she walks towards her. Anupama showed attitude, Barkha told Anupama to talk to Anuj if she doesn’t believe her, and even gave her phone, but she doesn’t want to speak to Anuj at all and said we wouldn’t be able to hear her if she started speaking, as well as talking negatively about him.

Anuj says his Anu will never speak ill of him. Even Barkha thought the same thing, but Anupama and her mother spoke so negatively about Anuj; Barkha made the mistake of returning her stuff and forgetting that Anupama couldn’t handle things in a sophisticated way after staying with the Shahs, particularly Vanraj Shah, for 26 years; she didn’t speak much since she didn’t want to fall on their level. Seeing Anuj’s expression, Maaya smiles as she hears her conversation.

As Dimple tells Samar, he may not have expected this from Anupama, or she may not have expected it either. Both of them have to fight their life’s battle alone without any expectations from anyone else. They need to make decisions for themselves and pay back Anuj’s loan soon since his family can kick them out at any time.

Despite Barkha poisoning Anuj’s mind against Anupama, he disconnects the call and says he will speak to her later. Barkha turns to see Adhik standing and becomes tense. She plays a victim card and says Anupama and her mother kicked her out when she went to return Anupama’s stuff on Anuj’s instructions. She also notices Dimple and Samar standing.

Vanraj notices Dimple working in the kitchen and recalls Anupama doing it earlier. He asks Kinjal to rest. Kinjal says she will when Paakhi returns. Vanraj asks where Paakhi went. As there was an issue when Barkha returned her stuff to Anupama’s house, Kinjal went to her mother’s house, but it’s fine since Barkha is nothing compared to how mummy can handle her mother.

Once she has finished her task, she asks him how his business meeting went. He says it was good and said he saw Anupama in Kinjal and realized she could handle the house. Kinjal promises to handle it with her best effort, and she leaves wishing him goodnight. In his mind, Vanraj wonders whether he should call Anupama at this time since she must be tense. Vanraj ignores Anupama’s call.

Anupama says he shouldn’t bother about it when he keeps calling her. She thinks he wants to know about Paakhi. Anupama says Paakhi is fine and sleeping and asks how Samar is doing. Vanraj says he is fine and asks if Barkha visited her. When he doesn’t bother about her, Vanraj says she shouldn’t bother with Anuj, he can’t understand why Anuj is sending back her stuff to prove something to him.

Her dance academy’s first day and his job’s first day, so all the best to both of us tomorrow. Anupama says she can’t understand what he wants to prove by calling her at night and talking all this. To win Anupama’s heart, Vanraj believes he needs to maintain patience. Kavya listens to the conversation and feels sorry for him. Anupama disconnects the call to warn him not to call her without reason.

As Maaya is making Little Anu sleep, Anuj falls asleep. She also notices that Anuj holds Anupama’s sari and becomes jealous. Anuj coughs as she tries to free the sari from his hand. She wonders what kind of love this is that is dead yet alive, far but close, and bitterness in his heart but not hatred. As she saw the love of his, she started loving him.

As Maaya checks his forehead, she becomes concerned that he has a fever, and she decides she must act. Then Anupama coughs while she is in bed. Kanta wakes up and asks why she is coughing so much. Anupama advises her to go back to sleep since she is just choking. After drinking water, she wonders why she feels uneasy.

As Anuj coughs, he recalls Anupama scolding him for not staying away from her as she had a viral fever. As Maaya places a cloth on his forehead, Anuj says it does not matter. Anupama hugs Anuj’s shirt. A song plays in the background, Main Yahan Tu Wahan.

Anuj’s fever doesn’t subside the next morning, and he whispers Anupama’s name subconsciously. Anupama wakes up late, feeling uneasy, and wonders what happened to Anuj. Maaya calls the doctor and informs her that Anuj has 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Anupama asks God to protect her Anuj.

She rechecks Anuj’s forehead and finds it normal. She informs the doctor, who says it may be caused by mental stress and advises Anuj to remain tension-free. Little Anu tells Maaya that Papa will be fine once Mummy sees him.

In response to Maaya’s question, Kanta asks Anupama why she woke up late today. Anupama says she feels uneasy. Kanta says she should give all her worries to her mother and Devimaa the rest. After getting ready and performing pooja, Anupama looks rather nervous to the academy board.

The nervousness Kanta feels is normal, but she is lucky to be given a chance repeatedly while others do not, so everything will work out. Anupama thinks she did it early, but doesn’t know if she can do it again. Kanta prays to God to help her daughter succeed. Bhavesh says success depends on the students, will they come? Kanta says they will.

The first student of Anupama says she wants to learn dance from her. Diksha asks if there are any other students and Anupama says they both are enough and teaches her how to salute God. Her mother walks in and says her daughter Diksha wants to learn dance from her. In Kanta’s opinion, they should be as confident as Anupama.


Anuj reaches the house of Anupama and notices her teaching dance to students. Anupama gets emotional seeing him. Barkha over the phone tells Maaya that she will not accept defeat so easily.


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