Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Hearing this, Rhea is shocked as Ranbeer leaves the Mandap, Ranbir walks to the wedding of Prachi and Akshay, and he is furious seeing her getting married. Sahana and Prachi are talking when Dadi comes to ask if she has gotten ready since the Barrat has arrived, Prachi assures her she will in five minutes, Dadi asks Sahana to accompany her since they must welcome the Baraat.

While Ranbir is getting ready in the room, Vikram asks him to see his face as he might be thinking about making a wrong decision. Bi jee asks how Ranbir can think like this. When Prach tries to call Ranbir while thinking about what Sahana said to her, Rhea gets shocked when she sees his phone, so she answers it. She informs Ranbir that he left his phone with her, explaining that he has come into her room three times, once to give her the dress and then the jewellery.

In her apology for not being able to congratulate her on her marriage, Rha says she will not be able to attend since she is also getting married to Ranbir at the same time, Rhea explains that Ranbir did not propose to her, but pleaded with her to marry him, and Rhea explains that Prachi should also congratulate her since she is also getting married to Ranbir,

In the end, Prachi ends the call. Although Rhea thinks she lied, Ranbir and Prachi should not be misunderstood. Dida stops Rhea from entering the room, saying that it is not a good omen for the bride to meet the groom, and Rhea explains that Prachi and Akshay are also getting married, but they are doing so a bit early.

He meets Dadi and Sahana at the entrance when Mr Ashok comes in. Dadi says his mood changed after he came with the Baraat when he said he was on their side only five minutes ago, but now they will have to deal with his mood since his entire family is with him. Dadi is introduced to his wife, and he mentions that his sister has gone to the Mandir for the puja and is going to return because the rituals would not be possible without her.

Akshay says she is his bua and nothing happens without her, he informs Prachi that his sister is in Canada and can’t come to their wedding, but that her sister is excited to talk with Prachi. The auspicious time has begun, and Pandit Ji invites them both to come, but Dadi wonders where Sahana is.

In the Mandap, Rhea sits. Aaliya reaches the function, she looks at Rhea and thinks that she will be able to observe everything going on. Pandit Ji says that this is the first wedding where the groom is absent. Dida promises to contact him. Sahana pulls Ranbir to the room questioning what he is doing, she says he should only marry Prachi, and she asks him to think about Khushi as the girl would be lost without them both.

Sahana tries to convince Ranbir that he cannot remain happy without Prachi, but he says that there is nothing else important and nothing else can happen now because he is getting married, but Dida reaches the room, forcing Sahana to turn, who is begging Ranbir not to marry anyone else other than Prachi.

Dida slaps Sahana, much to Ranbir’s surprise. She then drags the latter to the door and orders her to leave, insisting that she should not attempt to bring Prachi and Ranbir back together since they have already gone their separate ways. However, Sahana argues that she knows of their kundalis being connected too. This infuriates Dida further, leading her to throw Sahana out of the house. Stunned by what just happened, Ranbir asks her what she was doing. Unyielding, she compels him to sit on the mandap and urges the pandit ji to start the rituals.

In addition, Prachi and Akshay are also holding the Varnmala on the Mandap. Prachi recalls how Sahana advised her not to marry anyone else. She asks Akshay if she can talk privately with him. Akshay asks what has happened, but Prachi insists she should speak with him.

It is not suitable at the time of Varnmala, Mr Ashok says, Akshay’s mother says he can speak with Prachi for a moment, but Mr Akshay whispers that she should not have come to the wedding. He warns her not to interfere in his matters, otherwise, he will throw her out at any moment. The guests start whispering about what they should talk about.

She tells Akshay she cannot deceive him and feels something is wrong with this event as she enters the room. She describes how she feels she’s using Akshay to get her daughter, and that she can never give him the same place in her heart because he knows how she behaves.

Since he is her best friend, Prachi explains this marriage would be wrong, and she cannot let anything happen to him. Akshay replies he understands, but why is she telling him?

Akshay asks her to tell him if she wants to get her daughter, Khushi, he explains that they have to get married because the orphanage put the condition in place and even its representatives are outside to watch. Akshay shocks Prachi when he says the orphanage will certainly send someone to investigate.

As Akshay opens the door, he sees the lady explaining that he saw her at the orphanage and then here, Prachi returns back to the room and says that she came back to cancel the wedding. In response, Prachi replies that her heart and soul still beat for her husband. Akshay says Ranbir is her ex and she should only concern herself with Khushi’s custody.

In her presence, Dadi informs Sahana that Misses Kunal is attending the wedding and sent a video. Sahana angrily leaves after seeing the video.

Aaliya is standing behind the pillar when she receives a phone call letting her know that the wedding is going well. She is glad since now Ranbir and Rhea will be married. As he sits in the Mandap thinking about his wedding with Prachi, Ranbir puts water in the Agni and mentions that he will not be able to marry her.

In his opinion, Rhea is a very nice girl who has shown great love and care for his family. After he explains he will be deceiving her after marrying her, he mentions that he is only thinking about Prachi. As he stands, Ranbir apologizes explaining that his entire soul and consciousness is Prachi, which is why he cannot deceive her. Rhea embraces Ranbir and apologizes.

After angrily walking to the front, Aaliya slaps Ranbir. Ranbir is shocked to see her and tries to leave. Aaliya calls him, but Ranbir apologizes and says he has to stop Prachi’s wedding.

He is walking into Akshay’s house when the guards stop him and demand an invitation. Since he is a special guest, he instructs them to go and perform their duties. While Akshay and Prachi are performing wedding rituals, Ranbir is walking toward the house, and Sahana is shocked to see Ranbir furious.


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