Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

When Akshay arrives at Prachi’s house to drop her off, she says she’s sorry. Akshay apologizes for overreacting and getting angry so much with you and says he doesn’t know why he got so angry. According to him, you don’t take care of yourself. Prachi apologizes for leaving without telling him. Akshay says he wants to reduce her stress.

Akshay says you are my special friend and I don’t want to lose you in any situation. He says you are right even here. For now, he says, we can just be friends. He tells filmy lines. Prachi holds his hand and says you are very filmy. Dadi and Shahana open the door and see Prachi holding his hand.

When Shahana asks them if they are here, Akshay says they will answer you once they get inside. Prachi tells him she was locked in the lift. Dadi says you have breathing problems in the lift. Akshay assures her that Ranbir is with her.

Rhea and Ranbir return home. Pallavi hugs them. Ranbir hugs Dida. Dida says her blessings will always be with you, and nothing will happen to you. He then hugs Badi Dida. She says he came back safely because of everyone’s blessings. Though I have not complained to you yet, she doesn’t mean you will do anything.

If you know what I felt when you were locked in the lift, how my breath stuck, how someone would love you so much, and you….She says look at everyone, they were worried.

She says repair work was going on and notice was stuck that the lift was under repair, but Vikram went inside the lift without reading it. She says once the lift was getting down and up with force and she was like…Vikram asked her to calm down.

Rhea says she cannot stop crying. Pallavi says you have fulfilled your responsibility. Ranbir hugs her and says I am fine and asks her not to cry otherwise, his shirt will be wet. Rhea asks if he has any pain in his leg and asks him to come to the doctor. Ranbir refuses. They tell him to go.

Vikram asks what I have seen. Badi Dida says they have a special relationship. Pallavi says maybe I did the right thing by announcing their wedding. Vikram says who knows Pallavi better than me, and Dida praises herself for her choice. Akshay asks why you people are reacting to Ranbir’s name. Shahana says you were stuck with Ranbir in the lift. Prachi says what’s the big deal.

It was actually Ranbir and I. Just then, Ashok arrived with Doctor. He asks Prachi if she went to the doctor. He says he called Dadi, but she didn’t answer. Occasionally, Dadi’s phone was on silent. Ashok says no problem. He asks Prachi how she is. Prachi says I shouldn’t have behaved that way in the office. She says she is fine.

Taking out her resignation letter, Ashok says if you are mannerless, then I am more mannerless than you. In response to Shahana’s resignation letter, he tears it and throws it in the air, saying, “Did you see my swag?” He then apologizes to her for making the house dirty and offers to sweep it. Ashok says he is forgiven now and asks Doctor to check her mind, saying it will get hot soon. Prachi says I will clean it as I misbehaved with you in the office.

The doctor checks Prachi and says she is okay. Akshay thinks I will try to think of you as just a friend, but what about my heart, which views you as mine? He thinks of their moments together. Akshay takes the prescription and says he will bring the medicine. Shahana asks what about the mind. Dadi replies Shahana. The doctor writes a prescription. Akshay says he will bring the medication.

Having thought he really did love Prachi, Ashok says he’ll drink tea and then will go. He asks Akshay not to force Prachi to love you, saying a diamond will last forever until the day she doesn’t like you. Ashok says it is untreatable and that everyone years for it and asks him to give some time to Prachi. Shahana and Dadi have heard him. They leave. Ashok prays that everything will be alright.

In response, Ashok hopes everything is OK with both Ranbir and Rhea. Ranbir asks if Rhea likes all this and says you are troubling me a lot. Rhea says you are troubling everyone and hurting me. Rhea stops the car and says we’ve arrived. They argue. Ranbir tells her to keep smiling. Rhea helps Ranbir walk and keeps his hand on her shoulder.

Shahana and Dida see them entering the clinic. Ranbir says it is not necessary. Rhea tells him not to be a hero and tells him that she knows he is hurt. Ranbir thanks her for not telling anyone how much he is hurt.

Dida tells Ranbir that he will know about Prachi’s relationship with Akshay and that she has no problem staying with him.

Prachi looks on as Ranbir says I don’t know what she likes or not, I don’t want what I want or don’t want.

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