Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV Returns Home and Drama Unfolds.

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Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, RV returns home. Dadi asks RV, “You didn’t tell anyone you were coming home.” RV replies, “I didn’t tell anyone.” He greets Prachi. Monisha says, but I knew, I called your office number and they said you would be coming home soon. RV says someone is coming, and I want to be at home, so I came. Prachi says I am running late and will leave. Dadi says you never asked us how Poorvi is and how we felt.

Prachi says I know you take so much care of her. Dadu asks her to eat and leave. Prachi says she has to make arrangements for marriage work and tells her that she will go. Poorvi says I will drop her off. Prachi asks Poorvi why Monisha is always here. Poorvi says she is a relative and comes often. Poorvi says Prachi is always here, talks to RV, roams around, and sees him. Poorvi thinks I’ll take care. Prachi leaves.

Ranbir and Tashu arrive in the car. As they approach a house, Tashu remarks it belongs to “that guy.” Ranbir agrees, finding him to be quite peculiar from his perspective. Suddenly, Prachi exits the scene, and her pallu accidentally falls onto Ranbir’s face. He senses her presence. Tashu mentions receiving a card and asks who he is searching for. Ranbir denies looking for anyone in particular. Tashu suggests they leave. Meanwhile, Dadi asks Dadu if he sees what she sees. Smitten, Dadu compliments Dadi’s everlasting beauty – even after 40 years of marriage. Dadi playfully teases that Prachi must be envious of her youthfulness. Dadu jokes that she must imply Prachi’s jealousy towards her husband’s attention from other women. Dadi then adds that Poorvi will probably ask Monisha to stay away from her husband.

When the doorbell rings, Poorvi sees KK and Tashu. KK/Ranbir says hello again, and we will meet all day. Poorvi says hi to them. RV says, hello…Mr. KK, nice to see you. Monisha believes KK has a good relationship with Poorvi, but how? RV introduces his Dadu to Ranbir. Dadu says so you are KK. He says RV hasn’t been sleeping for a while. Ranbir asks if he has fallen in love. Dadi says no. Yug told me there might be competitor hostility, but the matter was love. Ranbir says love.

Dadu confirms and later reveals that Poorvi is the girl he loves. Ranbir expresses his approval and reintroduces Tashu as his soon-to-be wife, extending an invitation to their wedding. He requests that Poorvi and her mother join from their side. Tashu affirms her prediction that they would come from her side. RV offers to participate from KK’s side, but Ranbir insists he comes from Tashu’s side, wishing for his family’s presence at the wedding. Poorvi assures them they will attend and offers to fetch water. Moved by the beauty of Dadu’s house, Ranbir compliments him on his choice. Dadi acknowledges Dadu’s decision with appreciation.

As Harman and Harleen arrive, RV introduces KK to his parents and vice versa. Harleen greets them warmly as Dadi and Dadu share some lighthearted jokes. Poorvi kindly brings water for everyone, prompting Ranbir to ask why she did so. She reassures him that it’s no trouble, but Monisha accidentally bumps into her, causing her to fall. In a rush, Ranbir catches her and asks if she’s okay. Poorvi responds in kind, asking about his well-being. Tashu confirms that she is also acceptable, and Ranbir double-checks with Poorvi before RV calls everyone over. Meanwhile, Harleen instructs Nikki to clean up as Ranbir expresses concern for Poorvi’s wet clothes, possibly making her ill.

“Relax,” Poorvi reassures him, “I’m perfectly fine.” The group’s attention shifts to the two of them. Ranbir’s voice softens as he speaks, “Your daughter-in-law holds a special place in my heart. She reminds me of my daughter; when I first saw her, I couldn’t help but see my child in her.” He explains with paternal instinct. Turning to Monisha, he kindly inquires, “And you are?” Dadi interjects and reveals that she is Deepika’s sister. Ranbir issued a gentle warning, explaining that he worried about her well-being. Tashu invites everyone to their wedding and asks Poorvi to bring the whole family. Dadi fondly remarks that Poorvi serves as their household’s supreme court, and they will attend.

Poorvi says she will make him meet his wife since he does not have parents. Ranbir asks them to take care. RV gets a call and goes to work. Monisha believes she will always be RV’s choice.

It is so important to get there before time, Prachi says to someone. She ends the phone and says she is getting an important call. Prachi picks Poorvi up. Poorvi asks how things are going. Prachi says everything will be handled. Poorvi laughs. Tashu asks if you are afraid of marriage. He says no. She picks up the clothes to go to another room. Poorvi thinks she won’t leave her alone.

As Ranbir looks out the window, Prachi says I need Ranbir and his support. If he had been with me, everything would have been easy and sound, and she says she misses him. Ranbir says he misses her even now, so he asks the moon to take good care of her and to tell her that he will always miss her. Tashu says we will go to sleep with Ranbir.


Tashu asks Ranbir if he’s scared about getting married, and Ranbir says no, you aren’t marrying a stranger. Ranbir doesn’t like sehras. Prachi hopes he’ll like them.

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