Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2024 Written Episode: RV’s Spicy Challenge and Family Drama Unfolds

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Prachi asks Poorvi to serve RV, who hesitates momentarily before recalling what RV said about Monisha. Despite this, she still serves him his meal. Diya reminds RV that he should remember the food served by his wife. Poorvi then offers him a green chilli, which he declines. She persists, saying it pairs well with vegetables, but RV insists he is satisfied without it. However, Poorvi continues to push him until Manpreet intervenes, warning that the chilli is too spicy. Undeterred, Poorvi goads RV to eat it and even suggests having sweets instead. As she goes to serve him dessert, he stops her and eats the chillies instead.

Prachi, Vishaka, Manpreet and others intervene to prevent RV from eating more chillies. He struggles in pain, and tears fill his eyes. Prachi inquires Poorvi about her suggestion to eat the chillies. Ashok clarifies that it was all a joke, to which Poorvi agrees. Prachi urges Poorvi to give him some honey. RV decides to handle it himself and apologizes, stating he was unaware of how spicy the chillies were. He adds that although they almost killed him, he was grateful to be alive, thanks to their intervention. She suggests giving him some halwa instead. Eventually, RV reassures them that everything is fine now.

It will not be auspicious for you to leave after 6. Vishaka asks Diya to bring the bag. Poorvi doesn’t want to do this in her sasural, so Divya asks her not to fight. Prachi asks them to trust and love each other and tells RV that her Poorvi is mad, so take care of her. Poorvi hugs Prachi. Prachi says it’s 6 soon, so go now. RV and Poorvi leave. RV looks at Khushi before leaving. Khushi becomes tense and angry. RV waves goodbye to everyone and leaves.

Dadi asks Dadu to calm down and sit. He says he’ll wait for them and that they’ll arrive soon. As if it were his wife’s mistake, he says he was always busy with business and that now he’s married to Poorvi and will live with her. Dadi asks him to sit. When Harman arrives, he asks Dadu why he was giving commentary when dinner had not been served. Dadi is concerned that RV-Poorvi has not yet arrived. Harman asks Harleen to deliver the food.

Vaishali says Harleen makes special food for everyone. He asks where Jaswant is. Vaishali tells him something. Harleen brings food and says she made moong dal halwa for RV. Dadu says he called RV and found out that he had reached Poorvi’s house. Dadu opens the door and sees Poorvi. He gets happy. Deepika and Monisha come in, and Deepika holds Monisha’s hand as she enters.

When Poorvi enters, Dadu tells her he is waiting for them. Dadi says you said you would scold RV. Dadu says I am not scolding him; Mahabharat has been cancelled as they have arrived. Then he asks Poorvi how she is doing. Poorvi says she’s fine. Dadu says you made him wait a lot and says I’ll go with you next time and bring you back with me. Harman asks RV to freshen up. Poorvi says we did the dinner early.

RV asks Harman why he brought Poorvi back. The doctor says your mother says something, and you do the opposite. Vaishali says she also told Jaswant Poorvi wouldn’t be back. Harleen says maybe he is trying to say something. RV says he has to bring her back due to the situation. Harleen asks if this is a joke. Initially, you said you wanted to marry Khushi, but she left you on the mandap. Then, you said you wanted to marry Poorvi and dump her, but you brought her back.


Dadi tells Poorvi that she is RV’s wife and will fight for her rights. Poorvi tells RV that his cupboard is now hers.

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