Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Update

As Ranbir is locked in the lock-up, Prachi turns her face. Payal says he is staring at you. Inspector asks the lady constable to write a detailed complaint. Payal gets her complaint written in detail. Inspector asks Prachi to wait since her signature is needed for the witness. Ranbir asks Prachi why she is waiting.

Prachi asks him why you want to get me arrested with Payal’s help, and if she is taking revenge. Prachi replies that she is supporting the truth. She tells him that everyone views things differently. Ranbir says Payal is lying. Prachi says she is a girl and can’t spoil the lives of others due to her. Ranbir says she is ruining my life. Ranbir asks Prachi what might have happened, and Prachi says I wasn’t there. Ranbir asks what you’re doing here? Prachi says I’m not there.

She asks if he has any right to question her and asks him not to talk to her. Ranbir says he is not dying to talk to her and asks why he didn’t tell her when you were alive. Prachi says that she won’t repeat the same story. Ranbir says he didn’t do anything. Payal gives her a statement. The lady constable asks her not to worry. Payal thanks Prachi for helping her. Prachi asks, are you sure he is Ranbir?

She says she did not want to file a complaint, but you gave her strength and supported me. Prachi says he will not be able to do this. Payal says I am a girl and why should I lie about my respect? She says everyone in the office thinks he respects women, and says his real face is something else. He looks innocent and humble, but this is the truth.

It doesn’t mean he would do this with any girl, but his wife is dead and frustrated, so I wouldn’t have blamed him. Inspector asks Constable to let Ranbir call her. Ranbir and Pallavi arrive. Dida says, “Who arrested you, I’ll break his bones.” Pallavi says, “What did he do?” Inspector says he tried to molest a girl. Ranbir says I didn’t do anything.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that she knows what her son can do, and how dare you arrest him. She asks if he is capable of doing this. Dida says people swear by him. Ranbir says we need a lawyer. Dida says Aryan is coming. Pallavi asks who has filed the case. Inspector says everyone regards their son as innocent.

She signs at Prachi saying she has filed a report. Pallavi and Dida see Prachi. Inspector says she came with Payal, who accused Ranbir of molestation. It is shocking to see Prachi. Prachi touches Dida’s feet and hugs her. She is about to touch Pallavi’s feet, but she moves back. Aryan comes there and apologizes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks him to look at Prachi. Aryan says Prachi.

She touches her face and says that you regard me as your mother, and asks where you have been since long time ago. Ranbir nods his head. Pallavi says that you came now and are touching our feet, which means that you regard us as yours. You did not return, and she says we thought Prachi would come in front of us, then she hugs you and takes you home. She says even we missed you, not just Ranbir.

She says Ranbir never accepted your death and always insisted that you were near us. He says he didn’t believe Inspector when he told him he found your body. She says you chained him up today. As Prachi leaves, Pallavi asks her to wait. Ranbir says she is with the girl who accused him. Lawyer comes and bails him out. Ranbir thanks Inspector and leaves. Prachi sits in the car and wonders why the car won’t start.

Ranbir comes there and tells her that she has already hurt him. Prachi tells him not to follow her, saying that you returned and then arrested me. Ranbir says the girl said I molested her. Prachi says if I’d known you were involved, I wouldn’t have intervened.

He says it’s because you know me well, that I cannot do this. Prachi says she won’t answer. She says you don’t have the right to ask me any questions. She refuses to answer and drives off. Ranbir sits in the auto and follows her. Aryan says he will bring the car. Pallavi says Prachi has always troubled Ranbir. She says just when we thought everything would be fine, Prachi snatched everything away from us.

He tells Prachi to stop the car as he asks the driver to ride fast. The auto driver refuses to ride fast and says an accident can happen. Ranbir says she will go away, and asks him to ride fast. The driver of the auto tells Ranbir that if anyone sees him teasing Prachi, then what will they say. He stops the auto. Ranbir gets down and asks to see what happened to it.

As the driver gets down to check, Ranbir sits in the auto and tells him not to worry. He starts to ride fast. Prachi wonders why the driver is riding so fast.

Dadi tells Prachi that when you hid from Ranbir that you are alive, I also didn’t say you were wrong. She tells Prachi that today she will tell her that she is wrong.

The PS is informed by Payal Kohli that Ranbir Kohli has eloped. Inspector says he got bail. Payal says you shouldn’t have made such a huge mistake. Ranbir visits Payal.

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