Anupama : Anuj leaves Anupama

Anupama written update

Written Episode Update of 24th March 2023

Anupama runs after Anuj while he is going towards his room.  Devika tries to stop her but she does not listen.  Dheeraj says their love is strong and they will overcome all this.

Samar tries calling Anupama and then Dimpy but both are not picking up the phone.  The entire Shah family is upset. Hasmukh wants to go there to see what’s happening but the family stops him.

Devika asks Barkha why she did not stop Anuj from saying anything to Anupama.  Barkha replies that Anupama is at fault.  If she had not kept Maaya at home all this would not have happened. She says Anupama has ruined her family life.  Barkha cannot understand how they can talk like this and judge Anupama.  They don’t have any heart and no feelings. 

Anuj is packing his bags to leave.  Anupama pleads with him not to leave.

Paakhi tells Adhik she feels like going to Anuj and stop him from what he is doing.  Both discuss about Anuj and Anupama.  Paakhi hopes by the time Anuj realizes his mistakes its not too late.  Adhik promises Paakhi that they will go to meet Anuj and make him understand.

Anupama gets her things and starts packing and tells Anuj that she too will go with him.

Devika says Anupama does not deserve this pain.  Barkha and Dimple both are crying.

Barkha is worried about what will happen if Anuj leaves the house for good.  She tells Adhik that if Anuj goes away, they will have to manage the business and take charge of everything.  She says we should be practical and not let this opportunity pass.

Anupama tries to distract Anuj and shows him her sarees reminding him of the occasions they were bought.  She then shows all the photographs reminding him of the memories behind the photos.  Anuj just stands blankly without reacting.  Anupama tells Anuj that if they leave the house they will go together.  He will not go alone. Anupama tells him that they were a couple who would always fight for others.  Now they are fighting with each other.  She says at one time he did not like the word breakup when he heard it on television and now he is thinking of leaving her forever. She admits she has made a lot of mistakes. She was divided between two houses and could not concentrate on her family and could not give her time to Little Anu.  But he knew she had other responsibilities and he married her with the responsibilities.  He had accepted her with all her responsibilities.  He knew she could not break her ties with the Shah family when he accepted her.  Anupama cries and pleads with Anuj to look at her at least once. She tells him they were an ideal couple who were an inspiration to many.  Their love story cannot be so short.  She tells him he can take a short break if he wants but he should not break the relationship.  She says his Anupama will die without him. If he wanted to break away why did he wait for 26 years and then marry her. 

Anupama shows him his diary where he had written a lot of things for her.  She also shows him the rose that he has preserved for the last 26 years.  She gives him the photo frame of their wedding photograph. She says Anuj and Anupama are one and can never be separated. They are incomplete without each other.  Anupama keeps pleading with Anuj to talk to her but he just remains silent.  She reminds him of the promise he had made to her on her birthday that he would never ever leave her. 


Anuj walks out of the house.  The Shah family is devastated when the hear the news.  But Vanraj is smiling and feeling happy.

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