Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2023

Kumkum Bhagya

Written Episode Update of Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2023

It begins with Prachi telling Ranbir that her delivery is on the way. Dida asks Ranbir to lift her and take her to the hospital. Aryan asks him to drive safely. Pallavi asks Aryan to take them and says she will hear the baby’s cry as soon as she becomes a mother. They leave, and she gets excited.

Ranbir and Prachi are in the car when the latter informs him of her labour pain. Out of nowhere, the car stops, leaving Ranbir to beg God for divine intervention. Fortunately, Rhea drives past them at that time and, upon learning of Prachi’s discomfort, offers to take them in her car. Prachi wonders what brings Rhea there and they proceed to travel in Rhea’s vehicle. Keen to know why she skipped the party, Prachi inquires about it and finds out that aunty had summoned her so that she could see Buji before being transferred to a much stricter prison.


Aaliya is taken in a jeep. The lady constable tells Aaliya that her niece has not come to meet her. The Inspector asks the lady constable not to argue with her. The lady constable says the girl was arrogant in jail. In the van, the lady constable and Aaliya fall over when the van steps on the bags.

Aaliya seizes the gun from the female police officer and points it at her and the Inspector. She then orders them to stop the van, keeping the lady constable at gunpoint. The Inspector is asked by Aaliya to leave, which is echoed by a request from the lady constable. He complies and that makes Aaliya release her hostageship of the woman. A flashback is shown where Aaliya interrogates her on what was said when she had been transferred to prison – that if she were God, they wouldn’t be able to see her in person. To keep her word, Aaliya shoots her leg as a form of punishment before taking off with a grand exit, gun in hand, ready to harm Ranbir and Prachi’s lives.

Rhea and Ranbir accompany Prachi to the hospital, Rhea telling receptionist to book the cake. Prachi expresses pain, her siblings soothingly holding her hand. At the labour room, Ranbir insists for the doctor to administer a painkiller but is informed that she has to bear it. He pleads for something be done so Prachi suffers no more pain and can have a safe delivery. The doctor refrains from answering his query, only noting that 99 percent wives go through this too. Frustration befalling Ranbir, he questions why his sister is so angry.

She congrats Ranbir and says you are going to be a father. Ranbir says it is still time, and says she will be the first person to wish him. She tells her she has to meet Buji, and that it is because she has done a lot for me and was with me when no one else was. She says that there was no one else for her than me. Ranbir says you have everyone.

Rhea says I have all my family and asks him to take care of her sister, and says she will return. Ranbir says she is my wife. Rhea leaves. Ranbir is happy, thinking he will take his baby in his arms. Thanks to you, that bad reflection/Aaliya Buji is gone from our lives.

As Aaliya approaches Kohli’s house, she collides with Priya and the gun falls and goes inside the table. Priya says you were in jail. Aaliya claims she was freed from jail when she was proven innocent and tells Priya she was invited to a party by Kohlis. In response to Priya’s question about your clothes, Aaliya says she will live a simple life and think smartly. She asks where everyone is. Prachi got labor pain, which is why they went to the hospital. A guest says.

She gets shocked and says that’s why they keep calling me. She tells me she’s going to London tonight. She plans revenge. Pallavi, Dida and others arrive at the hospital. The nurse comes out. Ranbir asks the nurse how his daughter is. The nurse says yes, it’s a girl. They dance happily.

She asks them to celebrate in the waiting room. She says only the father can see the girl. Ranbir says I am the father. He goes inside and sees Prachi. He kisses her forehead and takes her in his arms. Prachi says your daughter. Ranbir says our daughter Panchi. He says he has always wanted a daughter, and seeing Prachi’s smile is just like yours, he says.

How are you feeling, Prachi asks? Ranbir says he doesn’t understand, how am I feeling, and asks how is Prachi feeling? Prachi says she is feeling complete now. He looks at her foot and says someone is on it. Prachi says it is a birthmark. Ranbir says it looks like a moon and star. Doctor comes there and says you got your life. Ranbir says my life got doubled. Doctor asks him to keep the baby in the cradle. Ranbir says he needs to check her. Doctor says he has to check her.

The doctor asks Ranbir to keep the baby in the cradle. Prachi tells the doctor that she is very happy and Ranbir is also happy. She thanks the baby for coming into their lives. Shahana and Aryan come to the receptionist and ask if it’s their cake. The receptionist says yes, but adds that the delivery guy didn’t bring a knife to cut the cake. Shahana asks if she can get the knife. The receptionist suggests that they contact the nurse.

When Shahana and Aryan arrive at the nurse’s room, Aaliya hits on her head to faint her, then takes her ID card and wears a nurse uniform. When Aryan and Shahana get to the nurse’s room, Aaliya says she’s my sister who has been attacked. She asks them to keep her on the sofa, so they do.

Aryan and Shahana tell her that they have come to take the knife to cut the cake. Aaliya asks who gave birth to the daughter? Shahana says Prachi, my sister. Aryan says Ranbir wanted a daughter. Shahana says she’ll give her cake, and Aryan asks her to come and show him. Aaliya says she’s wearing a mask because of an infection.

Ranbir and Prachi are happy with the birth of their daughter. Aaliya comes and injects Prachi. Prachi faints. She then injects Ranbir from behind. Ranbir and Prachi faint. Aaliya steals their baby and thinks of using it against them.

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