Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with Ashutosh Bua telling Prachi that they will get the puja done for their son. Ashok says we will get it done. Manpreet says it is not about puja, but about our daughter. Ashok says I’m talking to her. It is Beena who asks Bua ji to agree and leave her anger. Vishaka asks them to end the matter and asks Bijli to make tea. Beena tells Prachi that such things happen and asks her to be happy. She asks her to come with her, and says she wants to discuss something with her.

In the room, Poorvi meets Diya and Khushi. Diya tells him that the car guy is much better than him. Khushi says he is lakhs of times better than Ashutosh and that he does not look like a groom. Ashutosh hears them and comes there. Khushi and Diya go from there. Ashutosh asks Poorvi, if Khushi has picked someone for you, that she is so upset with me. Poorvi says no.

Beena informs Prachi that she has been receiving a lot of praise and compliments lately, specifically regarding what she will offer in marriage. She suggests that Prachi surprise Ashutosh with a brand new scooty, assuring her that it will earn her even more admiration. She wonders if she should spread the news to everyone. Prachi responds by saying she doesn’t have enough money at the moment. Beena points out that Prachi is wearing expensive bangles and finds it contradictory for her to make such a statement. This triggers a flashback for Prachi, where Ranbir gifted her those same bangles on their wedding day, telling her they were special and asking her to wear them whenever he was away so she could feel his presence.

Prachi smiles and embraces him, and asks him to promise never to leave her alone. Ranbir says, you are asking me to be with you, and I had asked him to go just a few days ago. Prachi tells Beena that the bangles were given to her by Khushi and Poorvi’s father. FB ends. Prachi tells Beena the bangles were given to her by Khushi and Poorvi’s father. Beena says it is his duty to do so, and says she will mortgage it. She takes the bangles from her.

When Visaka hears her, she becomes upset and tells Khushi about what happened. Khushi tells her that they first blamed Poorvi for the accident and now are demanding compensation for repairing the scooter and stealing Prachi’s bangles. Khushi gets angry and asks Beena why she took her mother’s bangles. She tells Ashutosh about it. Poorvi recalls it as her last memory of her father.

A Khushi asks Poorvi if she thinks this is correct and she replies that they called her inauspicious and blamed her for the accident, and you know how important these bangles are to her. During her visit to Beena and Ashutosh, Poorvi tells Beena that she is not upset with her. During the repair, she tells Ashutosh that she respects him for his self-respect, and that if you needed money for the repair, we would have taken a loan or arranged it.

She inquires about my responsibility for the accident, questions why you are placing the blame on me and my mother. She also requests for the bangles to be returned to her mother, stating that if desired, this alliance can be cancelled. She makes it clear that she does not want to enter into a marriage where her family is seen as a burden. Furthermore, she expresses her unwillingness to marry into a household where her mother is not given the respect she deserves. Confused, Ashutosh asks Beena for an explanation and reminds her of his successful career. Beena responds by saying that she simply thought differently. Ashutosh then considers that perhaps his mother did not want him to feel burdened and inadvertently put that weight onto Beena.

Someone comes and says he has important work for you. Poorvi and others come out. They see the bike. Beena tells Prachi that you gave us the surprise. Prachi says it is not my purchase and tells him that he has delivered it to the wrong address. RV sent it, as Poorvi had scolded him yesterday and told him about the scooter.

He says it was my scooter. Poorvi sits on the bike and takes a selfie. The guy asks RV to speak to him. Poorvi thanks RV and says the bike isn’t needed. RV said Dada ji scolded me and requested I send you a bike. She says you’re in the PS. He says it’s hard to get your address. He says you’re getting married today. She says yes. He says okay and ends the call. She wonders why he is in PS.

Diya informs Khushi, Vishaka, and others that the car guy RV sent them a bike. They inquire about the identity of the car guy, to which Diya clarifies that it is RV. Ashutosh compliments Beena’s selfie, and she remarks that Poorvi is fortunate to receive the bike before her engagement. Khushi makes a sly comment about how they initially considered Poorvi unlucky, but now she is lucky because of the bike. Ashutosh interjects that it is not as simple as that. Bua ji asks why Khushi is trying to ruin their happiness. In response, Khushi states that she is merely holding up a mirror to show them their true priorities – money over Poorvi’s well-being. Beena reprimands Khushi for her lack of manners and questions whether Ashutosh is so desperate to marry Poorvi. Bua ji adds that Khushi has been insulting them since they arrived at the house. Beena mentions how Poorvi also disrespected them and raises concerns about potential complications if the girl’s marriage were to break off. Prachi defends Khushi and Poorvi’s reaction to the situation, stating that anyone would respond in a similar manner. Exasperated


Jassi arrives and asks Ashutosh not to do this mistake, even by accident, and says Poorvi is just mine. Pandit ji says let’s start the engagement as mahurat did. Ashutosh is about to make Poorvi wear engagement ring, when Jassi interrupts him and tells him Poorvi is just mine.


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