Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Dadi Praises Prachi and Poorvi’s New Journey

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As Prachi is now part of the family, Dadi praises her, and Prachi replies that they should thank her and Bhagwan for getting acquainted with such a nice family. Dadi asks Prachi how she’s doing, and she replies that she’s fine, but now the house is empty, so she’s unsure what to do.

Dadi says it is the way of the world, and Bhagwan has given all of the troubles to the women, while they are also strong, so Prachi should not be worried since Poorvi will surely visit her house, and even they can attend,

When Prachi asks Dadi if she can bring something for their trip, Dadi replies that Prachi has made them look like outsiders, so Poorvi is here because of her, so she can come whenever she wants. Prachi agrees and ends the call by explaining that her daughters have gotten very nice houses. In response, the lady asks Prachi where she must go.

It is Dadi who asks Poorvi why she has not understood anything until now. Then he takes her into a room and demands that she sit, explaining that the way to a man’s heart lies in his stomach. Dadi replies that she knows it, but that is very wrong. Then, all the great chefs should marry the rich men since she has the key to their hearts.

While Poorvi cannot understand anything, Dadi pulls out a box from the cupboard and says that her grandfather gave her the tickets as a gift, so she gives her one, too and asks Poorvi not to keep looking at her but to open it. As Poorvi starts taking out the dress, she feels very nervous and then stares at Dadi, who says that by using it, she will win her husband’s heart.

RV is packing the dresses when a girl comes to put the clothes back. RV asks if she came back, and she replies that she might have overreacted and shouldn’t have said so much. RV says that means she understood it, and she responds that she is not immature, just emotional and sensitive, so she feels pain when seeing things. In response to RV’s explanation that she should not behave like a child, she replies that she is still a child and asks him not to leave.

RV explains he is being forced to go by his Grandfather whom he cannot refuse, Monisha says he can attend an urgent meeting, RV says he is the Grandfather who rearranged the meetings. Monisha explains he can make another excuse but RV replies he has tried everything.

Monisha replies what if the client wishes to be with him, RV says that his Grandfather will send him after the meeting. Monisha explains they should think of the present; RV wonders who can refuse him; Monisha suggests the name of KK, who would just wish to work with him; RV agrees with her, saying he does not know how his wife would cope with him.

Prachi gets out of the car and thanks the lady for dropping them off. She asks when her daughter got married, so Prachi reveals this Monday. After the girl asks how Prachi enjoyed performing the ritual, the lady asks Prachi how her husband is, and she replies that he is charming. Prachi cannot send her daughter away, so she does not understand this ritual.

The lady gives Prachi a gift for her daughter and says it will protect her from all evils. Prachi wonders how she can take it, but the lady forces her, and the lady leaves with the driver. RV tells Monisha he isn’t answering when she asks him to keep trying, as he might answer the call. KK is with the person who wants him to answer the call. However, KK says he wants the person to understand he isn’t bothered by the time since he will continue calling, but he won’t answer him.

RV calls KK, who says he is trying to reach him. When KK asks why he is wasting his time, RV replies that he knows it better, but KK says he should come to the topic. RV explains they should do the meeting tomorrow when KK asks if he is telling him or not. RV says tomorrow they are going to sign the biggest electric vehicle project, and KK says he’ll fix it later.

RV suggests to KK that he force a meeting with only him tomorrow, and RV will present the idea. KK says RV should give RV the project, which he signed today. However, RV replies that this deal is for his benefit.

This is what RV says, but what’s the problem if he gets something better even before that, so RV agrees, so KK says this is very strange since RV doesn’t behave like this, he turns to Monisha and tells her that the honey moon has been cancelled, and she hugs him.

Dadi suggests they purchase something else from the market when Poorvi tells him that she cannot wear it, but Poorvi explains that this is not what she meant, but she never wears such clothing. Dadi replies that everyone wears such clothing after their weddings. Dadi asks Poorvi to see how her Grandfather loves her so much, and he even asks the children where she is when she is not present,

She replies that her grandmother loves her and feels Poorvi should love her husband since she is so clever. Poorvi replies that she doesn’t love RV as much as before, so she can’t do it. Poorvi tells Dadi that their hearts are very troubled, and they do not know when they start falling in love with someone, but it is the same for men and women.

Dadi explains that the wedding relationship is even more significant than the relationship of love. As the two meet after marriage, she says Poorvi should express her right over RV, and no one can snatch him from her. As Dadi asks Poorvi, whose name is Mangal Sutur, and RV fills in the Kumkum in her Mang, she has the right over RV and no one else.

Dadi replied that she and her Grandfather didn’t like Monisha, and RV got so excited that he even disturbed Poorvi’s sleep when he told them he filled her mang with Kumkum when Poorvi said her dadi was talking about Monisha. Poorvi ran in excitement when the worker told her that her mother had arrived, and Dadi asked the worker to put the box in Poorvi’s bag.

Upon hearing the mother of RV ask Prachi for some water and rest, Prachi explains she came to meet Poorvi as they were going to Shimla when the mother of RV says she should indeed come as she has given birth to a daughter. When Poorvi comes to hug Prachi, the mother of RV asks her to take her mother to her room while she sends snacks. Prachi replies that she has given birth to a mother.

Poorvi explains that the house is empty without her, and she asks why she is sad, but Poorvi replies that she misses her home. After greeting them, RV asks why they are here, wondering if there is a ritual when the bride returns to her home. They all start laughing. Diya says she feels he has gotten very upset, and RV replies in a way that Poorvi is concerned about.

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