Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Akshay engages in a conversation with Vishaka, assuring her that everything is fine in his marriage. However, Vishaka, who raised Akshay and knows about his marital life, sees through his deception. She makes it clear that she isn’t his mother and believes there might be underlying issues in his relationship with Prachi. Vishaka questions Akshay about his intentions in asking Prachi to care for and love him, suspecting that Prachi might be using him.

Despite Akshay’s protests, Vishaka advises him to fulfil his marriage commitment and questions whether Prachi truly considers him her husband or is merely playing with his heart until her ex-husband returns. Vishaka hints that the real man inside Akshay might be awakening to the truth.

In another scene, Prachi blames Akshay for their separation and misunderstandings, stating that he acts helpless and puts all the blame on her. As they go their separate ways, Ranbir calls Prachi and asks about a lost ring during their rounds. Initially, Prachi misunderstands, thinking he means the rounds they took seven years ago, but then realizes he refers to the rounds taken with Mihika. Ranbir expresses his frustration, believing that Prachi never understood him before and still doesn’t comprehend him. He takes responsibility for all the wrongs that happened in her life, including the present situation of separation.

Meanwhile, Akshay confronts Prachi in the room, questioning her feelings for her ex-husband and whether she wants him back in her life. He demands clarity and asks if he holds any place in her heart. Ranbir overhears their conversation and smiles, trying to help Prachi by suggesting she choose his right hand if she loves Akshay more and his left hand if she still has feelings for her ex-husband.

Vishaka, who overhears their discussion, finds happiness in their fight, believing it indicates that they are truly in love. However, Ranbir feels saddened by the realization that Prachi chose Akshay’s right hand. Later, Rhea arrives and admits she came for Ranbir. Ranbir spots Prachi holding Akshay’s right hand and becomes upset.


Dida questions Rhea’s presence.


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