Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update: Monisha’s Dangerous Plan

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Khushi thinks about warning Poorvi about RV, otherwise he will ruin her life, so she tells her she needs to tell her about it. She says I love her very much and will not destroy it. She says I will go there and here; I will make some excuse. She called someone and asked him to book the tickets for Mumbai. The guy says he doesn’t have any flights available for tonight. Khushi thinks about what to do.

In response to Armaan’s question, Khushi says Maa is ill, and Poorvi is newly married, so it will be strange for her to come, so I decided to visit. Armaan agrees, asks her to adjust tonight, and says he will book her ticket the following day. Khushi agrees. Armaan asks her to come downstairs and says only you have value; husband has no value. Khushi says ok. Just as the dance begins, Monisha stands in front of RV. Poorvi believes the girl wants to dance with him. She thinks she doesn’t want to dance with RV.

Poorvi comes to RV as the partners change. RV asks Poorvi to thank God when they end the dance. Monisha dances with RV, but he does not identify her because she is wearing a mask. As the dance ends, RV asks Poorvi to thank God. In a special camera, the manager says the winners will be determined by their dance moves. Poorvi, according to Monisha, dances less with RV and will go to receive the award. RV is announced as the winner by the manager.

The manager announces Poorvi as the other winner as Monisha is about to leave. He says that Jodi is the best deserving winner and tells me that they are made for each other, that they complement each other well, and that their chemistry is perfectly tuned. Poorvi and RV receive the gift and sit at their table. He says all the best to them.

Poorvi says RV’s magic worked on her, and that’s why she won. RV says you’ve won because of me. RV says it wasn’t a big deal. The waiter gives her water. RV asks why she didn’t ask me for water and asks what it is. The waiter gets another glass. RV says he’s her husband and will drink first. Poorvi asks him for her glass back. RV refuses.

Monisha observes them and remarks that the drink is not meant for them. She notices Poorvi taking a sip of water and warns her that she will feel faint, causing her plan to fall into place. Poorvi starts to feel drowsy. Monisha thinks about the dresses Poorvi brought to impress RV but decides she will be the one to wear them. Responding to Poorvi’s comment about feeling heavy-headed, RV assumes she must have had a drink, possibly vodka, as who else would take water by force? Trying to convince them of her condition, Poorvi insists she is not joking and says her head is shaking. She announces she wants to go wash her face in the bathroom in hopes of feeling better.

RV asks her to go. Monisha says go there and faint and says, my dream will come true, RV, and I will be alone in my honeymoon suite. RV gets up and goes from there. Monisha comes behind Poorvi and thinks the medicine seems to be working. She finds Poorvi unconscious in the bathroom and feels that this is her real place; now I will visit RV’s room and see how he doesn’t become mine.

Then Vikram asked Deepika to come to sleep with him. When Deepika said she wasn’t getting sleep, Vikram asked where her partner was, my full ghar wali, as she had been staying here for one year. Deepika became upset with him. Monisha called her. Deepika told her it was a friend’s call and went out. Vikram thought he should sleep. Monisha was on the phone and told her there was good news. When Deepika asked if she had everything between RV and her, Monisha replied almost and told everything. Deepika was thrilled.

She tells RV to win now. RV exits the bathroom and thinks Poorvi has not yet arrived. RV believes it’s good that she didn’t come because now he can spend time with himself. A doorbell rings. RV thinks she has come. When he opens the door, he sees Monisha. She enters. RV asks her why she came here. She gives an excuse. RV says he’s tired and asks her to sleep and that they’ll talk tomorrow.

She tries to massage his neck as Monisha says she’s going to. RV tells her it’s not correct since he’s married now. Monisha says we’re getting married soon, so why is it wrong? Poorvi gets conscious and vomits. She recalls hearing Monisha’s plan. She thinks she let Monisha succeed and must be with RV now. She believes Dadu and Dadi’s heart and trust will break and wonders what she should do to fix it.

If RV fears Poorvi, Monisha asks him to give her an expensive gift to keep her quiet. RV says if I get scared of her, you are here with me. She says we will get married and asks why he is acting in such a way, praising herself for being so strong. RV says you are not in your senses and asks her to go; otherwise, he will call someone. She says Poorvi is an illiterate girl. She says if I say that, then any guy would give his life to me. She says Poorvi is illiterate. He tells her to leave. Otherwise, he will call someone else.

Then Poorvi thinks she should stop Monisha and goes. Monisha tells RV that we will be married soon, so why we can’t be together, but RV says we aren’t yet married and asks her not to fall down in his sight. RV argues. Poorvi knocks on the door. Monisha tells RV that she won’t let Poorvi come between them. She pulls his shirt and tries to get closer to him. She says she won’t let him go to Poorvi.

When RV opens the door, he finds the Police standing there. He asks RV if she is his wife. The manager says her name is Poorvi Malhotra. RV asks who you are to ask me. The inspector says the caller was right about you. On Facebook, Khushi complains about RV to the police. The Facebook ends. RV asks who has complained. The inspector asks if she is his wife.


Poorvi calls RV in jail and asks how he is feeling. RV says that you got me arrested on my honeymoon. Poorvi tells him whatever he wants to do.

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