Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Rhea asks Prachi not to stop her and not to make it difficult for her. She says I always complained that only my father loved me, and no one else, but I was wrong. She says you loved me even when I was wrong. The love has to stay, so I have to leave you. She calls Pallavi as Aunt Pallavi and says I will call you Aunt Pallavi, but you will always be like my mother and you will always love and support me. I won’t hurt you again, she says.

Pallavi embraces her and expresses her hope for her happiness. Rhea thanks her for the support. She informs Ranbir that she can not offer an apology, feeling deep remorse. He asks her to meet his gaze, inquiring if she is still low. Rhea confesses that the wrongdoings were too grave for her to dwell on, imploring him not to harbour any animosity and keep their love intact. Ranbir reassures her with a firm “Always”. As Rhea is about to leave, Prachi pulls her into a hug, tears streaming down her cheeks. Rhea urges Prachi to look after herself and the baby, then inquires whether she will go alone. Prachi gets comforted by the assurance of having the love of everyone with her, asking Rhea to call when the baby arrives.

She threatens the lady constable who pushed her in. The Inspector warns her not to leave the jail. The lady constable asks who is she, tells her not to leave everyone, and says that now this jail will not leave you. As she sees the women prisoners, she shouts at them and threatens them. Aaliya warns them and says she is not the God who can forgive anyone and will seek revenge on everyone.

After 4 months, Aryan comes home after jogging and says hey babes. Pallavi replies babes, rally. Dida says he thinks he’ll stay young for life with a little exercise. Abhay says he’s young and energetic after jogging. Pallavi asks Dida, did you not tell him?

I gave Ranbir and Prachi dresses, Shahana says. Aryan asks what’s the suspense? Pallavi, Dida, and Shahana all say there’s nothing. Aryan tries to ask them. Pallavi and Dida say there’s nothing. Aryan says there’s something definitely. He says he’ll see Shahana later. Dida asks Pallavi to scold him, and Pallavi stares at him. He says he’s gonna leave.

Dida says until now he gets scared of you. Shahana says everyone gets scared, except me. Pallavi stares at her. Shahana says she respects her. Pallavi says this is a surprise party for Ranbir and Prachi. Shahana says we won’t tell anyone. Prachi asks Ranbir why we are getting ready when we don’t have to go out. Shahana says that they were asking each other the same thing. Pallavi asks what they told seeing the dresses. Shahana says that they were asking each other the same thing.

Prachi says you are going to some baba because you have done vashikaran on me. Ranbir says vashikaran. She says you are mad about me. Ranbir says I feel that you are the most beautiful girl in the world. He says I always love you and my love is always constant despite the circumstances. He says this means you have done magic to me. Prachi taps on his head and says I have.

She blows on his forehead. Ranbir says he likes this vashikaran. Prachi hugs Ranbir. Shahana and Aryan take Ranbir and Prachi downstairs and open their blindfolds.

Ranbir inquires what the occasion was, to which Prachi queries what makes it so special. Pallavi informs them it is Valentine’s Day. When Prachi comments that it is February, Pallavi reveals that Ranbir had proposed on January 13th. Prachi expresses disbelief, noting he asked her in February. She responds he had expressed his feelings through a letter on 13th January which was found in his cupboard. Ranbir requests for her to give him the letter but Pallavi declines, as she planned on unveiling the content at this party and Prachi was unaware of its existence. Witnessing Prachi’s surprise, she deduces her lack of knowledge, to which she timidly affirms.

Pallavi says now my son Ranbir will read out this letter for Prachi. Ranbir gets shy. Pallavi says he’s blushing and becoming red. Ranbir says no. Dida says you’re Kohli’s son and they are romantic by birth. Ranbir asks me how my daughter will feel if she hears this. Pallavi says her baby will love seeing your romance. Kids enjoy seeing their parents romancing, she says.

Ranbir says he will feel strange if his parents romance, because his mother is beautiful and his dad is simple and wears glasses. He says his Dida is lovely and he would have married a tall, dark and handsome man otherwise. They laugh.

Aryan and Shahana urge Ranbir to read aloud the love letter. He apologizes if there are any errors and Pallavi asks him to turn down the lights. He starts reading, saying “Hi Prachi. I’ve got questions for you—why is this happening, why do I keep thinking of you or seeing you in my mind’s eye, even when I close my eyes? All I want to do is talk with you and be in your thoughts constantly. My heart desires only to be with you; why is it that I’m so drawn to you? And, no, it’s not just a conventional dating thing that I’m after—this is ‘ishq wala love’ I’m talking about! So, here goes …”

Shahana inquires if Ranbir still wants to ask something. He requests her to hold back for a moment before Aryan commands her to be silent. Then, Ranbir poses the question to Prachi whether or not she is fond of him. Bowing his head, he asks if she would like to join her name with him and unite in marriage. This causes Prachi to become overwhelmed, and Ranbir reveals that he had composed a letter some time ago in college but never got around to saying the most crucial thing; expressing that he loves her. They embrace each other and dance joyously on the song Rab Jaanda. But soon, Prachi has labour pains and tells him it’s time.

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