Kumkum Bhagya 17th November Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

RV and Poorvi look at one another in the beginning of the episode. Diya asks them to hurry up. A song plays and RV and Poorvi are walking out. Diya says this person is a life saver. RV sits in the jeep and looks at Poorvi and Diya. He leaves. Upon coming out, Poorvi and Diya decided to help the people. They helped the people, got in the ambulance. Poorvi sits in the ambulance too and asks the driver to take them to hospital.

Poorvi thanks RV for looking at him. As RV leaves, Yug asks him what they will do now, since they have lost a lot of money. He asks if I’m mad and says I’m talking to you. RV stops the car and asks him to think about it. He drives the car and asks why he’s smiling. Yug says nothing. He believes Bhai felt a connection to Poorvi.

Khushi approaches Vishaka and inquires if she needs to head back home. She reminds Vishaka to take care before leaving. Vishaka assures her that everything is fine and mentions that she is unsure of how the situation occurred. Shortly after, Prachi arrives with boxes of sweets for Khushi. Khushi expresses her gratitude but also mentions that her family does not eat them and instead gives them to their servants. Prachi understands and replies that it’s alright, they will do what they have to do. Before leaving, Khushi hugs Vishaka one last time and Prachi reminds her to take care once again.

The ambulance driver tells Poorvi that the ambulance won’t start. Poorvi gets out to help a man whose cart has fallen. She tries to call for help, but nobody helps her. She stops Ranbir’s car. Ranbir sees Prachi in her and thinks he’s thinking about Prachi. Poorvi asks if he heard and asks him to assist her. The driver informs Ranbir that he’s near his destination.

Poorvi asks Ranbir what his problem is, nobody wants to take the injured people to the hospital, and asks him to take the petrol money, etc. While Poorvi sits in his car, Ranbir asks the driver to come in another car. Poorvi thanks him for helping them. Ranbir asks the driver to keep the injured people in his car.

Poorvi is asked if she misbehaved with Ashutosh. Prachi says that’s not possible. Divya asks why Veena is upset, and Prachi says she doesn’t know. Poorvi and Ranbir take the injured people to the hospital. Poorvi says that they were burned during Ravan dahan. He asks Poorvi if she knows them. Poorvi admits that she doesn’t know them, but they are humans. He asks her to sit and promises to apply ointment.

You are my daughter’s age, he says. After applying ointment to her hand, she asks if you are healing me or trying to get revenge on me. He recalls Prachi saying the same thing and a Facebook is displayed. Prachi says I didn’t add sugar to your tea, so you’re taking revenge. Ranbir says he loves her and asks if he will hurt her. Prachi hugs him and says she loves him too, baklu. In Poorvi, Ranbir sees a reflection of Prachi.

She asks Vishaka and Divya who she is. Divya says you are our samdhan. Veena says everyone talks about your values. Prachi is dear to her heart, and she tells me that I told Sudha not to show me the picture of Poorvi after I learned she was her daughter. My son was in the pandal for Poorvi, and it was likely that he would have burned, but Poorvi vanished.

He claims that Prachi scolded him for not telling my son before she left. Prachi says that is not the case. Veena says I don’t bear Ashutosh’s insult. Vishaka scolds Prachi. Manpreet comes there and asks what happened? Vishaka wants Prachi to understand how to talk to his son-in-law. Prachi tells her that she didn’t scold him. He says you promised to bring Poorvi and Diya home. Divya becomes worried about Diya’s safety.


Ranbir says he misses his wife and daughter very much and says we used to stay together 20 years ago, but now it seems like many eras have passed. Prachi is arriving.


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