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Akshay begins by questioning Ranbir why he won’t fill sindoor in Mihika’s maang. Seeing him taken aback, Mihika asks him for an explanation. Ranbir confesses that he respects Vishaka a lot, although he is not able to perform the custom due to certain obligations. Visakhapuram then requests that he not give any sort of logic or reasons as it is simply a puja kumkum and anyone can apply it on her maang. She goes on to ask him to take kumkum and fill Mihika’s maang (the parting of her hair) as part of a traditional ritual.
Mihika held an aarti plate and gazed at Ranbir. She informed him that her family had suspicions of them not being the real deal, so they would have to take some tests or exams. He asked what kind of tasks they would be expected to do, to which she replied “Whatever it is, I won’t be hurt – don’t hesitate and don’t give up.” He observed that they were her family, but she swiftly reminded him that neither he nor anyone else knew them.
Ranbir is promised by Manpreet to do the test, yet Vishaka refuses to take no for an answer. She believes everyone should have the chance to go through the custom and nothing wrong with it, with Akshay persuading him to let this be a blessing for them being able to stay together. Eventually, Ranbir decides to take the kumkum and fill Mihika’s maang. Prachi recollects Ranbir’s words saying he was not here just for revenge.
Ranbir is asked to hurry up by Visaka. As Ranbir prepares to apply Kumkum to Mihika’s hairline, Prachi shouts at him to stop. Ranbir asks why can’t I do this? Prachi says this is wrong and tells Vishaka that a girl can fulfill her maang by taking the rounds. Vishaka says they have taken kalash rounds. Prachi says they did not take agni rounds, and says that they take them in front of fire at the marriage altar.
She tells that when two people get married in the marriage altar, witnessing the fire and the God. Since they didn’t go around the fire, they should not apply kumkum. When Ranbir says that our kalash rounds had already happened, I feel that it is enough to apply kumkum. He is about to apply kumkum in Mihika’s maang, when Prachi comes and holds his hand, and the kumkum falls on her maang accidentally. Everyone is shocked.
As Akshay asks Ranbir, what have you done? He becomes angry. Vishaka says Akshay. Akshay says this is wrong and needs to be removed. He starts wiping and shouting, asking why it is not removing. Prachi says she feels pain as he rubs it. He asks Ranbir why it is not coming off. He takes Prachi away from there with him, away from the maang. Akshay says it’s wrong, Mihika cannot get Sindoor before marriage. He says you cannot fill Sindoor in Prachi’s maang.
Mihika says what you have done Ranbir and goes angrily. Ranbir goes behind her. Vishaka tells Ashok that Ranbir was about to fill kumkum in Mihika’s maang and that means that they have a relationship. Ashok says yes, Akshay is very angry. Neha asks Abhay not to be around Akshay for a while. Divya reminds him of what happened before, and Abhay becomes tense.
Akshay sits with Prachi in the room and asks how he can be so careless. He says I haven’t applied kumkum to you, but he has. He acts crazy and says Ranbir has crossed the boundaries and talked a lot. When I told him to apply kumkum to Mihika, he didn’t. He says it was your mistake, why did you lecture him about kumkum? He questions, “Why did you hold Ranbir’s hand?” and quickly adds, “It fell on you accidentally.”
His right ear is pulled repeatedly, shocking Prachi, but he says he can’t see it. Prachi wipes it and says it’s gone. Akshay says it’s still there in your maang. Akshay rubs it with a tissue. Prachi says you’re hurting me. Akshay says even I’m hurt. He says it’s dried Sindoor and asks her to come with him. He tells her not to move and takes her to the dressing table.
Ranbir requested Mihika to come in and mentioned he had something important to discuss with her. Questioning his action of putting kumkum on Prachi’s forehead, he explained it was an error on his part. Adding more to the incident, Ranbir admitted that Prachi only held his hand as Mihika had asked him not to back off. When he was about to leave, Mihika grabbed onto him tightly. He reminded her that her nails were inflicting pain on him and requested her to let go.
In an act of madness, Ranbir says he’ll wet the cloth so I can wipe it. Prachi says the color is gone. Akshay says it’s still there, I can see it. He tells her to look in the front and wipes it. When it is finally gone, he sits and says no one will know Ranbir had applied kumkum to you. Prachi gets frightened and asks, “Why are you doing this?” He reassures her, “I’ll wipe it off,” and proceeds to apply some cream to her forehead, saying, “Nobody will notice.”

Akshay tells Prachi that he is her husband and nobody else can fill in her maang, blaming her for intervening too much. He questions why she believed in rituals but allowed a wrong to happen to her. Prachi apologises, admitting it was wrong of her. Akshay wonders why she didn’t slap the person responsible if it was so wrong. He says he has not touched her yet as a husband and so she should realise that despite being good or bad, he is still hers and has emotions which get hurt.
Prachi asks who you are, and where is Akshay that I know? She asks where is my good friend. She asks where was my friend. She says if this is your avatar, I will not tolerate you. “I am not your possession; you can’t claim ownership over me,” she firmly asserts. He retorts, “I will not tolerate anyone else filling your maang with kumkum,” and asks, “Who am I?” He continues, “I am your husband.” His emotions escalate as he becomes increasingly distressed, questioning, “Why should I bear the sight of someone else performing this ritual on you?”
Asur song plays….He says I won’t react if someone hugs me, too. Akshay refuses. Prachi says we will talk when you are normal and in your conscience. Akshay says you must come in your conscience. She pushes him out and asks him to go. Akshay stops her from closing the door and says he’s not yet done. He gets in. Prachi asks him not to come behind her, otherwise the consequences will be bad. Akshay becomes hyper and crazy afterward.
In order to convince everyone that we are a couple, Ranbir told Mihika he would do that. Mihika leaves him and tells him Bhai is angry. Ranbir asks if you are fine, and she says that you have held my hand so tightly that it hurts. Kumkum was mistakenly filled in her maang, he says.
He acts crazy and asks Mihika not to talk. She says everyone takes my test, and asks if it was my fault that I asked for your assistance. She tells you that Bhai got so much disturbed, and I’m also disturbed. She asks if there is anything between you and Prachi. Ranbir confirms.
Akshay asks Ranbir to stay away from them and says you didn’t apologize for Kumkum incident yet. Ranbir says I won’t apologize and asks if he’ll get beaten by Akshay. Prachi is shocked.

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