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Mahendra tries to intervene, but Manmeet remains resolute. He stops the goons from advancing further. Manmeet threatens to harm himself if anyone approaches Meet and Cheeku. Meet is instructed by Manmeet to escape with Cheeku, stating that any bullet must pass through him before he reaches her.

Cheeku and Meet escape in a jeep. Meanwhile, Shagun waits at the Ahlawat mansion for Meet’s arrival. As soon as they spot a police van outside, Meet and Cheeku quietly leave. Due to the presence of Sumeet, Shagun confidently asserts that Meet will surely arrive there.

Sumeet notices Meet and Cheeku entering the Ahlawat house and quickly decides to drop a vase in order to alert Meet. This earns her Shagun’s wrath, prompting Meet and Cheeku to search for another place to hide. Sarkar and Manmeet soon arrive, with Manmeet sensing their proximity. Connecting this to Sumeet’s earlier action, his father blames him for their disappearance. Determined to help the two runaways, Manmeet mockingly evokes Shagun’s ire as she grills poor Sumeet for their whereabouts.

Shagun attempts to sway Sumeet by claiming that her mother would be more attached to Cheeku as she is her first child. However, Manmeet warns him not to fall for her words and continue to remain tight-lipped about Meet’s whereabouts. She continuously pressures Sumeet for clues, but he firmly answers that she had taken her daughter to Guruji’s ashram. With a wink, Manmeet silently confirms their plan was successful and Shagun had been successfully tricked. Consequently, she instructs Sarkar to make sure nothing goes wrong alongside heading over there herself.

The car keys are dropped by Manmeet before he leaves, and he signals Meet to pick them up. With Cheeku, Meet hides inside the car after realizing they are Sarkar’s car keys. While Shagun and Manmeet arrive near the designated location, Manmeet claims it is farther away. Seeing Manmeet’s phone reflection in the mirror, Shagun realizes they are tricking her.

She remembers Sumeet’s statement about overhearing Manmeet on a call, despite his phone being switched off. She realizes that Manmeet and Sumeet have deceived her. In a fit of rage, she forcefully hurls Manmeet’s phone aside and commands the others to escort Manmeet to the Ahlawat residence. Despite putting up a fierce resistance against everyone, Manmeet brandishes a firearm at Shagun and instructs Badri to create a distraction among the police and constables.

He then turns the gun on Shagun and forces her to tie up Badri. He makes everyone sit on the floor and ties up Shagun’s hands as she shouts that she will take Cheeku regardless. He leaves them all tied up and departs. The pest control company informs Sarkar about poisonous gas and advises him to close all windows and doors when he opens the door.

In the meantime, Manmeet approaches the police commissioner and asks him to sign the stay order. While initially reluctant, Manmeet tries to convince him. Meet tries to shield Cheeku from the gas, but faints. Cheeku steps out of the car to help her.

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