Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update on WorldofEntertainment.in

Sahiba notices a young woman, Sara, with Garry and wonders who she could be. When Sara drops her keychain she picks up to see that she has a snake-shaped tattoo on her finger; this gives Sahiba an idea and she quickly leaves the scene of Hiding behind Garry’s car when he returns home, she sets off in search of the girl but is only able to find her dupatta. Suddenly Sara appears behind her and strikes her with a pot – causing Sahiba to collapse. She grabs back her dupatta before fleeing away. Angad can’t sleep due to the windchime sound and looks out of the window where he spots someone in the parking area, much to his surprise it is Sahiba lying unconscious on the ground. He takes her into their room and tries to rouse her after much effort; upon waking he asks what has happened to her.

Sahiba attempted to talk, while Manveer paced the corridor wondering who Inder was seeking. Angad exited his bedroom, supporting Sahiba. Manveer inquired as to his well-being and what Sahiba had been doing in his room. He told Manveer he was okay, explaining that he had found her unconscious in a parking lot. Manveer scolded her for trying to gain attention with her dramatics. Sahiba retorted that he ought to have quizzed her son instead of helping her out without her asking for it; she left for her room, holding her head in distress. Angad then asked Seerat if she or Garry had gone outside. Seerat considered their argument and thought even though they were at odds with each other, she still dwelled there due to Garry. She falsely claimed that they both were inside the chamber throughout the incident; this left Sahiba suspicious.

Veer and Keerat meet Sahiba the next day and he tells them to check each tattoo shop to find out where the tattoo on the culprit girl was made. She warns them to be careful, recalling last night’s event. As she checks different tattoo shops, she fails. Veer meets Keerat, who says that his list has run out, so he came to help. When they enter a shop, the artist mistakes them for a couple and asks if they want a matching couple tattoo. Keerat gets angry.

When Veer shows the tattoo to the artist, the artist says it’s not from their shop since they don’t do such a poor job. Veer tells Keerat that since they searched every shop in Ludhiana, he thinks the girl got the tattoo from outside of Ludhiana. As per the shop’s policy, the artist refuses to divulge any details about who got this tattoo. Sahiba reaches the shop where it was made and asks the artist who got it done.

Inder reprimands his sleuth for neglecting to check him. Manveer notices this and wonders who he’s addressing. A school teacher takes her pupils on a picnic and checks the number of students before boarding the bus; there are only twelve out of thirteen. She realizes Simran is missing and notices a cookie bag in one student’s hand, who tells her Simran gave it to her and went out for a chat. Knowing that Simran loves food, the teacher assumes this must be the reason for her departure. Soon afterwards, she appears again with a little kachori snack which she refused to pay for.

The shopkeeper starts chasing after her calling her a thief, so Simran quickly disguises herself as a shop mannequin. Spotting Sahiba nearby, she begs her not to get caught by the pursuers. When questioned by the frustrated storekeeper about the robber yet again, Sahiba scolds them and pays the amount instead of letting poor Simran take all the blame. She is saved from punishment and expresses her gratefulness towards Sahiba by warmly hugging and referring to her as ‘didi’.

Sara refuses. Sahiba threatens her to call Garry there. Garry reaches there. Sahiba confronts him. Garry says he will kill her today. Angad holds the rod.


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