Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th March 2023 Written Update


Sahiba says Angad is hesitant to pose with her. Manveer feels angry and says Sahiba wants to humiliate them again. Reporters ask Sahiba what she means. Angad is habituated to pose alone during award functions and business meetings, but he will pose with her as long as they want. Sahiba holds Angad’s hand and poses for photos.

It was reporters who troubled them a lot before she arrived. Sahiba says reporters were doing their job and are paid for questioning, so he should teach them to shut up by giving them what they want. Manveer and Inder are surprised as Angad smiles and poses with Sahiba. The puppet reporter asks Angad what happened during the wedding day. Manveer gets concerned that Angad will say something wrong in anger. Inder says Angad is sensitive and won’t mess up.

Angad says he knows they are eager to know his equation with his wife, holds Sahiba’s shoulder and says it’s just like any normal husband and wife and everything is normal between them now and their marriage happened according to their wishes. It is true that Angad was supposed to marry someone else, but it is good that it didn’t happen since jodis are made in heaven. Seerat feels jealous and thinks her husband is too ill to stand beside him.

The reporter asks Angad if Sahiba is.. Angad warns her to call her Mrs Brar; says she must be wondering how he agreed to marry a poor girl, Brars value people over their status, Sahiba is a pure soul, and he likes how she is. The reporters demand that Angad and Sahiba dance. Angad and Sahiba dance passionately. Sahiba says if he had told the truth, she would have clapped for him.

A liar suggests telling the truth. Sahiba says he himself is a liar. Angad warns her to keep smiling and pose for the cameras. Sahiba warns him not to consider her as his slave. Angad asks if she is blackmailing him. Sahiba says it is a hobby of the rich. Everyone claps again after their performance. Guests praise their jodi and say they are made for one another. Reporters ask Angad to pose again. Sahiba comments once again. Seerat feels jealous.

Veer watches Garry’s puppet reporter walk up to him. He acts as though he is dropping juice on him and taking her to the washroom. He takes her aside and starts flirting with her. Veer wonders what Garry is doing with his oversmart reporter.

Old Brar family staff meet Angad and Sahiba. Sahiba helps the old man walk down the stage when someone takes him away. She says Angad is a kind boy who considers his staff as his family and says that he worked for Brars for 40 years when there was just a small shop.

The situation in which they married made Angad an arrogant man; she must treat him well for him to treat her well. Angad took care of his daughter’s education and gave her a job as his secretary; she must believe Angad to be an arrogant man. It seems that Veer also said the same about Agad, Sahiba thinks.

She is either too sensitive or too cunning to support Angad, Inder tells Manveer. Jasleen tries to speak with Manveer, but he refuses. Seerat walks behind Garry. Garry runs away. Seerat drops juice on Sahiba, but Angad pulls Sahiba aside to save her.

Garry asks the inspector what he is doing at Brar mansion. The inspector says he is there to meet Sahiba, who filed a missing complaint for his sister. He greets Sahiba, leaving Sahiba and everyone tense.

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