Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

Virat gets Usha’s call. He asks her if Sai is ok. Usha replies that Sai’s mental state has worsened, she is still hallucinating Vinu in a teddy and has taken Vinu and Savi to school. Usha has never seen Sai in such a state and is concerned for her. She is told not to worry as Virat will check at school. When Sai picks up Vinu and Savi after school, he asks them about Vinu. Savi says Vinu dada didn’t show up. Sai says she dropped them off this morning. Savi recalls Usha’s advice and tells us Vinu has extra classes.

After Virat arrives, Sai argues with him about Vinu not being at school today. Sai then goes to check on Vinu. Virat asks Savi to go home with Usha. Savi says she will stay with Aayi, but then leaves on Virat’s assurance. When Sai questions the watchman, he informs her that there is no extra class today. Virat tries to explain what had really happened, but Sai is not ready to listen and she hallucinates Vinu walking toward her.

On one side, Pakhi teaches Vinu to plant a tree and asks him to take good care of it until it grows large, leaving Virat and everyone around confused. Aayego Jab Tum O Sajna.. song plays in the background. Virat walks up to Vinu and tells him that he will stay with Savi aunty from Heron. Vinu refuses. Sai dressed as an angel appears and asks Virat not to get angry with Vinu. A sorcerer appears and forces Vinu away. Vinu wakes up in fear, realizing it was a nightmare.

Sai continues to hallucinate Vinu. Vinu thanks her for treating him and makes him run again. Virat runs behind Sai. Sai runs between traffic. A speeding truck is about to hit her when Virat jumps to push her away. Pakhi cries that Vinu’s condition is due to Sai. Bhavani signals her to stop and asks the doctor for Vinu’s course of treatment. The doctor suggests she go to a psychiatrist and get Vinu counseling.

As soon as the doctor leaves, Bhavani tells Pakhi not to discuss their family issues with outsiders. Pakhi says until they address the root of the problem, how will they find a solution. Virat created all these problems, if Virat had not brought Sai home, they wouldn’t have had to deal with them.

The moment Virat saves Sai, she continues to panic and searches for Vinu. Virat informs her Vinu is safe with Pakhi, he doesn’t want to stay with her and called her dirty aunty. Sai accuses him of lying and continues to be aggressive. When Virat slaps Sai, Sai recalls the incident and breaks down. Virat comforts her. Sai asks why she has to lose everyone, first he left her, now her son, she is alone.

Virat hugs her and says she’s not alone, he’s always loved her, even when he wasn’t with her; he hopes that every day he’ll be able to hold her hand again; she always says he lies to her, but she needs to hear the truth: he loves her forever until he dies. In the background, the song Phir Wo Aayi plays and he lifts Sai to look at her face as he walks.

In church, Virat confesses that he doesn’t love his present wife Pakhi, and still loves his ex-wife Sai, who makes him happy. Bhavani hears him.

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