Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

During Ishan and Savi’s ongoing basketball match, the referee announces that they are tied with 10 points each and the first one to score will be declared the winner. As Ishan pauses with the ball, memories of Riva’s betrayal flood his mind. In the end, Savi easily takes the victory and playfully reminds Ishan of her Isha madam’s wise words about anger leading to defeat. Shantanu is pleased with Savi’s win and joins Nishikanth and Ishan in their disgruntled departure. The teachers commend Savi and express how they have never witnessed such a remarkable interview before. Once back in the conference room, Savi confidently asks the directors if she has now secured her admission.

Yashwanth mentions that Savi will obtain her previous college’s transfer certificate by 11 a.m. tomorrow. Ishan brings up the topic of fees and Savi explains that she received a scholarship. However, Ishan shares that she lost the scholarship and now must pay the fees by 11 a.m. tomorrow. Frustrated, Savi voices her concerns about the college not wanting to give her admission and imposing numerous conditions. Shantu disagrees with this and insists they cannot do that. Ishan clarifies that it is ultimately the decision of the committee members and they must adhere to the rules of the college. Despite his efforts, Shantanu struggles to convince them and confidently states that Savi will not be able to secure admission if they continue with such terms. Yashwanth chimes in and accuses them of purposely withholding admission from Savi, asking Shantanu not to interfere.

Savi contacts Isha and shares the news about Ishan’s unfair basketball test and his demand for a transfer certificate and fees by 11 a.m. tomorrow. Isha expresses her frustration, stating that they can’t treat her in such a manner. Savi promptly offers to head to Ramtek immediately, as she needs to be back in time for 11 a.m. the next day. However, Isha points out that Savi cannot make it back on time alone and suggests getting someone else to collect the certificate and deliver it to her instead. Meanwhile, Mandar, Samrudh, and Vinu arrive at the principal’s office and intimidate her, warning against issuing the transfer certificate to Savi.

The principal stated that the issue is a personal one and she cannot refuse to give Savi her certificate upon arrival. Vinu explained that his sister had eloped from an arranged marriage, causing distress for their grandmother, and urged the principal not to let Savi leave easily. The principal reiterated that it was a family matter. Samrudh and Mandar then threatened her and left, leaving the principal feeling scared. Just as she was feeling overwhelmed, Isha entered and asked for Savi’s transfer certificate. The principal responded by saying that she could only provide it if either Savi or a relative requested it in person. Isha reminded the principal that she would do whatever was necessary for her student’s well-being and would report her to the board members if the transfer certificate was not given by the end of her last class.

Harini nervously awaits Savi’s arrival while Kiran teases her, asking if she is waiting for his sister-in-law. Their mother-in-law scolds Harini to attend to her household duties. Finally, Savi returns and Harini immediately asks if she passed her interview. Savi stands with a worried expression on her face. Kiran and their mother mockingly comment that they knew Savi wouldn’t be able to pass the interview. However, Savi reveals that she did pass but the management requires her transfer certificate and fees by 11 a.m. tomorrow. The mother-in-law suggests that Savi return to her parents’ home as they cannot afford to support her expenses any longer. In desperation, Harini pleads with them not to do this. But Kiran heartlessly declares that he will inform Bhavani about Savi’s admission news and ask for the money from her instead.


As Savi rejoices after clearing the interview, Isha gives her money and asks her to get admission first. Ishan fumes seeing Savi and Isha and says Isha left his hand in childhood, and he hates whoever holds Isha’s hand.


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