Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th October 2023 Written Update: Ishan’s Apology and Savi’s Decision


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ishan recalls Savi’s words that she doesn’t know if she is a good student but knows he is not a good teacher, Kiran’s wrong allegations about Savi, his character assassination of her, etc., and believes he committed an error regarding Savi. Ishan says it was his duty to get justice for Savi. Shukla praises him for getting justice for him. He then asks the clerk for Savi’s home address.

Shantanu is told by Yaswant that Ishan disrespected him by canceling Savi’s rustication without consulting him and that Durva’s accusations of cheating destroyed the family’s reputation. When Shantanu gives the verdict to someone’s daughter without thinking twice, why is he angry when his family’s daughter is punished; why is he such a hypocrite? They should value justice first. Yashwant shouts that he didn’t build this empire overnight.

Shantanu successfully stood up for Savi’s rights, demonstrating his principles rather than following Yashwant’s misguided ones. In response, Yashwant expresses disappointment with his brother for disobeying him. Shantanu questions when he has ever gone against Yashwant’s wishes. Yashwant reveals that Ishan went against the family by divorcing Isha and worries about what he may do to Durva next. Meanwhile, at Kiran’s house, Harini advises Savi not to return to Ramtek. Kiran notices Savi’s presence and inquires why she is back. Savi explains that she came to see her sister.

After Kiran attempts to harass her, Ishan arrives and disciplines him for inappropriate behavior towards Savi. He firmly asserts that the Bhosale Institute takes responsibility for its actions, and he is willing to take legal action against Kiran. When Savi questions why Ishan is there, he explains that he came to prevent her from returning to Ramtek. Savi accuses him of trying to alleviate his guilty conscience through these actions. Despite Ishan’s repeated pleas, Savi remains determined not to return to the Bhosale Institute and instead return to Ramtek. Eventually, Ishan leaves after their argument.

In anger, Nishi takes Durva’s phone and tells her not to leave the house anymore. Asmita tries to intervene, but Nishi shuts her mouth. Surekha comes into the room and defends Durva. Nishi tells her what Ishan did in college and tells her he cannot control Ishan but can control Durva. She asks when the discussion ended last night and why he is angry again with Durva. Surekha assures him to calm down and that a solution will be found.

Upon his return, Kiran’s father notices his bruised hand and inquires about the cause. Kiran explains that Professor Savi punished him, but Harini interrupts and claims that Professor Savi was influenced by someone else to punish Kiran for falsely accusing her. Kiran becomes angry and warns Harini to stop talking. However, she retorts that as his wife, it is her right to point out his mistakes, and he should be grateful that she didn’t involve the police. This only angers Kiran further, and he takes Harini to a room and locks the door behind him. Worried for her safety, their father pleads with Kiran not to harm Harini, especially since she is pregnant.

Isha congratulates Savi and says she has to return to Ramtek alone now that Ishan canceled her rustication. Savi says Yashwant wants her to rejoin college, but Savi wants to return to Ramtek. Savi says Ishan apologized on the college’s behalf but didn’t apologize personally. Shantanu says she should rethink her decision. Although Isha supports Savi’s decision, she says they will return to Ramtek.

Savi greets Ishan at the door as the doorbell rings and questions his presence. Ishan confidently reminds her that this is his father’s house and that he can visit whenever he pleases. He enters the house and sternly advises Savi not to return to Ramtek. Despite Savi attempting to speak, Ishan rudely orders her not to interfere. This leads to a playful argument between Savi and Ishan as they try to justify their stances. Meanwhile, Shantanu and Isha watch on with amusement. Ultimately, Ishan cannot sway Savi’s decision and departs from the scene.


He apologizes for wrongly accusing Savi and asks her to attend his lecture today if she has forgiven him.

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