Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Isha’s Unexpected Visit and Reeva’s Determination


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

As an education department representative, Isha recently went to Bhosale Institute. Unfortunately, she was rudely turned away at the gate by Surekha. Coincidentally, Yashwant and his colleagues Nishi and Shantanu were present and greeted her with their usual arrogance. In response, Isha introduced herself as Dr. Isha Bhosale, a university selection committee panelist. Since the institute receives grants from the university and their staff is permanent, the university must ensure fair and impartial selection of an assistant professor through her visit.

Yashwant says their institute does not show partiality. He calls Shukla and asks him to take Isha to the conference room for the interview. Shukla takes Isha to the interview. Shantanu says he didn’t inform him about Isha’s visit or Surekha insulting Isha at the gate. The competition doesn’t exist here, says Yashwant. Shantanu says he didn’t know about Isha’s visit and wonders why Isha didn’t tell him about it.

She borrows her friend’s scooter, jacket, and scarf to get Reeva into college. She stops at the guard and interacts with him to prevent him from doubting her. She asks Reeva if she knows where the interview venue is. She asks Reeva if she knows where the interview venue is, but Reeva says no and requests that she be shown. On the way to the conference room, Isha meets Ishan, who asks what she is doing. Savi takes Reeva to meet her professor, who is very loyal to his job.

Isha, who is part of the selection panel for assistant professor interviews, can leave by Ishan. Savi then leads Reevat towards Ishan’s office. As Ishan walks by, she calls out to him. Seeing Ishan approaching, Reeva becomes anxious and tries to hide. Savi explains to Ishan that she wants to introduce him to someone interested in giving an assistant professor interview. However, the guard did not allow this person to enter due to technical issues – she had applied after the deadline. Savi was bringing her to Ishan for assistance in this matter.

She has already warned her to meet him only if she has important work related to her studies, etc., and Ishan asks who gave her the right to do all this, how she knows the girl is talented, etc. Her question is if he’s OK since he seems upset two days ago. He says yes and not to meet him unnecessarily since he’s in a bad mood. Savi says okay and thinks about where she must have gone.

Shantanu asks Shukla to send the first candidate in. Reeva waits outside the conference room for an interview. She thinks she has to convince Ishan somehow to return to her life. Ishan starts the interview. Harini calls Savi and informs him that the hospital has ordered a test for azoba that will cost 50000 rupees and an injection that will cost 70000 rupees. The 2 lakh deposit Bhavani had paid has been exhausted in a day, so the hospital wants them to deposit more.

Savi assures her not to worry as she has mailed Azoba’s reports to a few trust hospitals with fewer expenses and will arrange money soon. She calls her professor and asks him to get her a job like he did for novelist Roopa’s proofreading job. The professor says she will not earn more than 15000-20000 rupees monthly and asks if she is desperate for money. Savi says yes and disconnects the call. Upon speaking with Isha, she wondered why she was not picking up her phone.

As Ishan insults and rejects a candidate, Isha confronts him and tells him he can’t insult people like this. Ishan says he needs to weed out bad candidates to offer the best professors to his students. Shantanu interrupts and tells Isha that Ishan is right in his sense and that he shouldn’t insult anyone like that. Ishan calls the next candidate. Reeva walks in. Bhosales look shocked.


As Samrudh kidnaps Savi’s family and threatens to marry her, she requests that her family not be involved. Savi wakes up realizing it was her nightmare and says she can’t live alone. Ishan holds her hand and says he is with her. This disheartens Reeva.

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