Mehndi Wala Ghar 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Mauli’s Revelation and Manas’ Plot Unveiled

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

When Mauli sees Rahul, she tells him to stop coming in front of me from her mind. The episode begins with her checking the receipt and saying Manas bought something for Aashna. He laughs as she holds him and asks, are you here? He asks, do you think about me all the time? She leaves. Akshay comes to Hari and Nanhe. He tells them we can get the franchise by bribing those people.

A bribe, Hari says, is when you present your plan and show them your profit calculations, and if you receive a franchise, that is great, otherwise we won’t. Nanhe says he is right. Mr. Mathur calls Hari. Hari asks Tanvi about Vijay. She says he has left. Mathur needs money, he says he is sending land at half price; Vijay says he wants Vaibhav land. Tanvi says excellent, talk to Vijay on the phone. Akshay gets angry.

According to Mauli, it means that Manas bought the dress for Aashna, she gave it for alteration, and the pick up date is today, she is in Ujjain. We will go and talk to her, we will call her. She calls Aashna and says you gave clothes for alteration; come pick them up today; our shop will be closed for two days. Aashna says fine, I’m coming. Mauli says we’ll catch her up. Jyoti says you go, but I’m not coming. What will I tell Janki? Mauli smiles.

Hari says it’s Manas’ marriage. I know we’ve spent a lot on Mini’s wedding, and the marriage didn’t happen, but I’d like to do something for Mauli and Manas. As she shows Mauli the necklace, he says, “Your mother gave you this necklace at your wedding. How can you give it to him?” She replies, “I’ve thought carefully.” Jyoti asks if I should go to the market. Janki says no, we’ll go there, we’ll get the vegetables. Mauli asks us to go to the beauty parlor. Shall we go? She asks them to leave. Jyoti smiles.

Akshay expresses his desire to seal the deal, to which the man responds with a final price of 3 lakhs. He then reminds Akshay to arrange the money and assures him that he will secure the franchise. However, Akshay is left unsure about how to gather the funds. Just then, Janki and Hari arrive on the scene. Janki suggests giving Akshay a necklace she plans to polish and offer as a gift at Mauli’s wedding. However, Akshay misunderstands her intentions, assuming she intends to sell the necklace for money. Janki clarifies that it’s an expensive gift for Mauli, and she wants it polished before presenting it. Meanwhile, Mauli and Jyoti arrive at the store, where Mauli instructs Jyoti to wait for Aashna while reminding her of their lines for their performance. Observing these lines written on her hand, Jyoti praises them as lovely.

She sees Aashna coming. She asks Jyoti to say her lines. Jyoti worries. Aashna takes her clothes. Mauli thinks to go inside. Jyoti starts acting. Mauli hides. She says we have to fool Aashna so she calls Manas here, and then I’ll make their video. The two talk. Aashna asks about the Tarot card reader, and Jyoti says, “Yes, his word always turns out to be true.” She asks if she can get his number.

Jyoti says I will ask his PA to call you if you give your number. Aashna gives her number. Jyoti says Baba will leave tomorrow so that you can meet him today. Call anyone you like. Aashna goes to Mauli. Mauli says an excellent job. She calls Manas and asks him to come to the store right away. Mauli says let Manas come, and I’ll make a video to tell Janki.

When Janki and Hari get to the store, Manas comes to meet Aashna. She says I missed you a lot. They hug. Mauli makes their video. Then, someone steps in between. Manas asks, “Why did you call me here?” Aashna says a lady knows a great tarot card reader, and we should meet them. Janki and Hari see Manas coming. He says, “Come with me.” They hide in the trial room. Mauli sees Janki and Hari.

Aashna says you have locked me in a trial room. Manas and Aashna talk. Mauli hears them. Mauli records the audio. Manas speaks against the family.

Jyoti and Mauli become angry. Akshay worries. He calls him and asks him to arrange money somehow. Akshay says I can mortgage this necklace, but I will ask Janki once. I’ll ask my friend about it on social media. He messages Jyoti. Jyoti asks Mauli to check the message later. Akshay says there hasn’t been a reply, maybe she’s busy, I’ll also see my profits, I’m doing this for my family.

Aashna says I want to meet the tarot card reader, and I’ll ask for the wedding date and a trick to keep Mauli away. Because I did a drama in front of everyone, I became good, but she became terrible because she knew my truth. She won’t say yes to marriage; we want it, or the family will oust her for this. Aashna asks what will happen next. He thinks I’ll get my dad’s property, and we’ll be set. He hugs Aashna and Mauli weeps.

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