Anupama 4th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Toshu’s Event Preparation

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Anupama 4th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

During the event, Toshu asks Anupama if she has any questions. In response, she nods. He says he doesn’t want last-minute panic. He asks her to go to the stall and decorate it. He says I will go now. Anupama asks him to wait while she makes him curd and sugar. She tells Toshu he used to work a lot when he was a child, and I saw you also study at night. She says you have always been on top of your class.

The woman says you are exceptionally competent and can accomplish anything. She says your father used to ask other kids to be like you, and you were the smartest boy in the neighborhood. You have been given this opportunity for the first time, and she asks him to put all his efforts into it and don’t break Anuj’s trust. Toshu assures her. Kinjal asks him not to do anything that Anuj ji doesn’t like. Toshu assures her he will do everything he can.

Kinjal asks Anupama if she is comfortable since Anuj ji will be there. Anupama says yes. Anuj looks at the IDs. Baa and Vanraj are leaving for America. Babu ji asks Baa not to think of air hostesses as bahu and not scold them. Baa asks what you want from there. Mahi says she doesn’t want anything and asks them to take care of her and take pictures.

Ansh asks Vanraj to give her a gift to him. Vanraj says he will bring gifts for everyone. Baa asks Babu Ji not to have a cream roll and cries, worrying about him. Babu ji asks her to go and come back. Mahi gives Vanraj a card, but he doesn’t take it. Baa takes it. Vanraj orders Ansh to sit in the car with her.

Upon arriving at the event, Anupama is stopped by the staff for not having her tag. Anuj then appears and admits that her tag somehow got mixed up with his. Anupama manages to untangle it and comments that what seems simple should be manageable. Concerned, Vanraj reiterates to Dimpy, Kavya, and Pakhi that they should avoid doing anything he disapproves of and reminds them to stay home with their children. He explicitly tells Pakhi not to disrespect her grandfather or anyone else. Babu ji also chimes in and asks Vanraj not to do anything regarding Anupama that he disapproves of. With that, Vanraj departs from the scene.

When Anupama attempts to keep the table, Anuj helps her. He asks if she is looking for someone. She says Yashdeep Sir. He gives her the tag’s roll. Anupama asks if it’s solved. Anuj says no, that one’s complicated. She asks about Shruti. She says Anuj went to India for her parents’ final rites and that Aadhya was there with her. Anupama says she went alone. Anuj said I wanted to go, but she didn’t want me.

Yashdeep comes and asks Anuj to do his work. Vikram also comes. Anupama says we will make people go crazy with the food. Anuj looks at her. She gets sprained on her foot, and Yashdeep offers to apply a spray. However, Anupama refuses. Vikram says he has to sign some papers, so Yashdeep gives her money to buy some items and goes with him. Anupama sprays on her foot.

Kavya and Dimpy were about to leave when Pakhi suddenly appeared in front of them. She reminded them that they had only been out for 30 minutes before they were going to meet Titu. Unsurprisingly, both Kavya and Dimpy immediately shouted for her to stop. Kavya kindly suggested she go back home and get some rest. Pakhi persisted, saying she could call their father for reinforcement. Kavya quickly interjected, explaining that they were going to Patel uncle’s house to purchase stationery for the children, as the shops would close soon.

When Anupama reads Anuj’s chit, she gets emotional. Anuj is about to go to her. Aadhya comes over and asks what the hell you are doing? She tells her you have forgotten everything. She says you have forgotten Shruti’s favors and says just as you do Anu Anu,

Shruti says Anuj. She says Shruti is leaving for us, and we are her priority. She says she healed us and doesn’t deserve the pain. She keeps her phone on him, saying this is our family. He calls Aadhya and finds out it’s just her imagination. He plays the Darmiyan song. Anuj thinks Shruti doesn’t deserve this pain, but I can understand her love and pain if you have loved deeply.


Later, Anupama rings the doorbell. Yashdeep comes and helps her pick the vegetables. Vanraj opens the door. Anupama gets shocked. Vanraj smiles.

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