Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Emotional Turmoil and Unfolding Drama


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Nishikant contacts Yashwant and informs him that he has successfully kept Ishan occupied with the college’s festival preparations, per his instructions. Ninad has been relocated to a bed and is content with Savi’s company. He requests her to stay until he falls asleep and wakes up. Bhavani assures him that Savi will remain by his side. As Ninad dozes off, Bhavani sheds tears. Vinayak inquires about her tears, explaining that they do not have enough funds for Ninad’s surgery, which, according to the doctor, requires 50-60 lakh rupees. Vinayak suggests prioritizing getting an appointment with Dr Shahane before worrying about arranging the required funds.

When Savi sees people performing pooja nearby, she joins them. After taking Prasad and giving it to Ninad, she notices Ishan and her friends making multiple calls and decides that something has happened. She needs to go to college immediately. Vinayak gets tea for him, Harini, and Bhavani. Harini asks if Savi did not get tea.

Savi tells Harini she is going to college and returning soon and to call her if Ninad wakes up before that. Vinayak says she isn’t among them and will look after herself. As Bhavani yells, she was acting worried about Ninad and now she is leaving, earlier she ran away, and now she is running away from responsibilities as well, they don’t care whether she returns.

In her interview at Bhosale Institute, Reeva thinks her and Ishan’s story began here, so she hopes that if hired there, she will revive her relationship with Ishan. The guard says she cannot enter. Reeva asks why. Guard says he got orders not to let her in and recalls Ishan catching him on the phone during duty, scolding him, and instructing him not to let Reeva in. Reeva bumps into Savi when Savi reaches college.

Savi helps Reeva when her file falls. Navya asks her to rush to the gate. Savi says she’s at the gate. Navya asks her to meet Ishan because things are messed up here. Once she meets Ishan, she apologizes for slipping by and says she has finished her task and gone to her work. Isan says he’s uninterested in her issues and tongue-laces her for slipping up. Savi wonders what happened to him and why he is so dizzy.

While waiting outside the gate, Reeva hears two professors discussing 1500 applicants for three assistant professor positions and that only a talented person will be chosen. She thinks that she should be selected. She enters the college, hiding behind a truck, and reaches the interview venue, but the staff prevents her from entering the room.

In response to Isha’s report, the guard asks her to leave. The college is going through a deep financial crisis, and Nishikant informs Yashwant that things have worsened. All staff have been made permanent; three new assistant professors will join today. Despite knowing everything, Yashwant does not know what to do.

After graduating, Savi catches up with Navya and grabs tea at the nearby stall. Reeva, lost in her thoughts, accidentally spills her tea on Savi. Quickly apologizing, she notes that Savi seems concerned and asks if she’s alright. Assured by Reeva’s response, Savi urges her to open up about what’s troubling her. As it turns out, Reeva traveled a long way for an assistant professor interview but was not granted entry to the college. Remembering her struggles to enter this same institution, Savi offers to escort Reeva to the interview venue. Overjoyed, Reeva embraces her new friend in gratitude.


After Samrudh kidnaps Savi’s family, she asks not to involve her family between them. He shoots them all. Savi wakes up, realizing it was a dream.

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