Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th September 2023 Written Episode: Harini Confronts Kiran’s Abuse

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Harini is overcome with emotion as she remembers Kiran’s despicable actions. She wonders how she will explain her baby’s father’s true character to him or her. In need of support, she reaches out to Savi and asks her to come over. Savi arrives and expresses regret for revealing Kiran’s wrongdoing. She confesses that she kept it a secret because Kiran had threatened to disown Harini and the baby. Worrying about the consequences, Harini shares that she has known about Kiran’s infidelity for a long time, and whenever she confronted him, he would resort to violence. Savi suggests that this situation could have been avoided if she had intervened earlier. Fearing for her future, as she has no career or place to go, Harini admits that she is concerned about her baby turning out like Kiran. But Savi assures her that the baby will not be like Kiran as Harini will raise it on her own.

Shantanu shares Savi’s story with Isha, who questions why Savi didn’t inform her earlier. Shantanu explains that Harini’s concerns for her sister have kept them from speaking out. Isha believes Savi should have reported Kiran’s actions and called her to inquire about her well-being and situation, urging her to leave the house. However, Savi reveals she cannot go due to worries about her sister’s safety. Isha argues that Harini has just as much right to the house as Kiran, being his wife. Suddenly, Kiran demands something from Harini, but she refuses to obey him. In retaliation, he lashes out at Harini with a belt and pushes her down, causing her to cry out in pain and fear for their unborn child.

After ending the call, Harini warns Kiran that she will ensure he’s sent to jail if anything happens to her sister. However, Kiran ignores her and continues to harm Harini. Savi intervenes by breaking down the door and stopping Kiran’s actions. Despite Savi’s warning not to interfere in his marriage, Kiran remains defiant. Savi threatens to involve the police if he lays a hand on Harini again, but Kiran is unafraid. Savi attempts to make the call, but Kiran’s mother snatches away the phone and asks if she would betray the family that has provided for her.

Although Savi made it clear that she would not tolerate any mistreatment of her sister, she resorts to using a belt to teach Kiran a lesson. In response, Kiran attempts to retaliate. However, their father intervenes and gives Kiran a firm slap. He admits that he should have disciplined Kiran earlier and pleads with Savi not to involve the police due to their family’s middle-class status. Despite her father’s request, Savi remains determined to hold Kiran accountable for his actions. To protect Harini, their father promises to take care of her from now on. Harini also appeals to Savi, asking her not to label Kiran’s baby as the child of a criminal, and urges her to leave the house for her safety. As a result, Savi ultimately decides to go home.

Isha expresses concern for Savi and tells Shantanu that she heard Harini’s pleading voice before the call was disconnected. She wants to go to the location and find out what is happening. Without hesitation, Shantanu grabs his car keys, and they head towards the car. However, as they leave, Savi calls Isha to inform her that she is waiting for an auto and will join them shortly. Isha relays this information to Prateek, who questions if Ishan believes Kiran’s version of events instead of Savi’s. Ishan responds that Kiran’s explanation makes sense and that he will ensure Savi does not get hostel accommodation. This statement shocked Prateek, who asked Ishan what had happened to his usual supportive attitude towards his students. Ishan then poses a question to Prateek, asking if he also believes that Savi is right in this situation. And for the first time in their friendship, Prateek admits that he is ashamed to call Ishan his friend.


Ishan fights with goons in a dancing style with Savi and rescues her from goons.

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