Meet 19th October 2023 Written Episode: Shlok and Sumeet’s Remarriage Drama Unfolds.

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Shlok insists that Sumeet should return to her previous life, while Shagun attempts to provoke her and encourages her to leave promptly. Raunak reminds Shagun that trust was the cornerstone of Sumeet and Shlok’s relationship, which has now been shattered, making it unlikely for Sumeet to stay any longer. In agreement, Shagun adds that she hopes for the same outcome. Sumeet reminisces about her wedding with Shlok and surprises everyone by tidying up the wedding altar. Poonam then rushes to call the priest for Shlok and Sumeet’s wedding ceremony.

As planned, Shlok and Sumeet are remarried at the same altar. At that moment, Shlok reflects on Shagun’s words about not securing a singing contract. He realizes that he has lied to Sumeet and shattered her trust. With regret in his heart, he vows never to deceive her again and always to show her love. In return, Sumeet pledges to do everything she can to make Shlok’s dreams a reality. Raj excuses himself for essential matters as they complete the rituals by exchanging the mangalsutra. He asks Poonam to take care of the guests while Raunak quietly leaves out of fear that they may be scheming something behind his back.

She tells Sumeet that she can only pretend to be happy. She believes that Shlok lied once and will continue to lie to cover it up in the future. She declares that she will choose Shlok even in their next life; difficult times will only strengthen their love. She finds Raunak missing. Sumeet warns her they won’t let her go quickly after she burned down their shop and house.

During the fight with Shagun’s henchmen, Raj beats them up, and Rajiv ties Raunak to a chair and brings a gas cylinder pipe near him. When she sees Raj pouring kerosene into her locker, Shagun panics, and Sumeet shows her. When Shagun falls at her feet, she pleads with Sumeet to stop Raj. Raunak taunts her for choosing money over him and tells her he hates her. Raunak leaves once Rajiv frees him.

As Shlok steps into his room, Priyanka demands payment to allow him to see Sumeet. He lifts her veil and expresses remorse for the necklace incident. Sumeet then suggests they embark on a journey together, visiting various destinations. She playfully closes his eyes and leads him to a cutout of the Eiffel Tower, where they take selfies. Continuing the playful game, she prompts him to imagine they are in Paris. Nearby stands another cutout, this one of Burj Khalifa. As she turns off the lights and joins him lying down, she urges Shlok to pursue his dream of becoming a successful singer.

Sumeet prays to Mata Rani to save her family from their current crisis. Money lenders come to ask for money, and Sumeet asks for a chance. She motivates her family to get another order as soon as possible.

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