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As everyone else in the house works, Sumeet brings tea for her dad and tries to talk to Shlok while he cleans his bike. Although Shlok ignores her, their father informs him that Sumeet is fasting for Teej, so he should make her sit on the swing and push it. The boy refuses, but Sumeet cleverly mentions a honeybee nearby and persuades him to sit on the swing. She says the ritual has been completed and tries to talk to Shlok, but he gets angry and leaves, accusing her of working against his family.

Sumeet watches as Shagun shows Akki tied up with a bomb. She warns her to find the traitor as soon as possible or the bomb will explode. She is upset, but knows she cannot give up because she needs to save Akki and Shlok. In an attempt to get Shlok to lose his mind completely, Shagun explains to Poonam that there is a powerful monk on their street who can solve their problems. Sumeet overhears and sees an opportunity.

To harm Vani’s unborn child, Abhay makes a smoothie with papaya. Masoom intervenes, throws it away, and scolds Abhay for being careless. Anju informs Poonam that they are cooking for the fast, but Sumeet is missing. When the family hears about a monk with special powers in the neighborhood, they decide to take him home to solve their problems.

Shlok is curious as to why the monk is hiding behind curtains. Rajiv then explains that the monk’s face has an excessive amount of radiation due to his meditation abilities, making it difficult for ordinary people to look directly at him. As luck would have it, Sumeet is disguised as the monk and using this opportunity to uncover the traitor. She hopes Shlok won’t be able to recognize her. In order to carry out her plan, she picks a name chit and poses as Ashok Chowdhury for a house visit. The unsuspecting family welcomes Sumeet (disguised as the monk) into their home. Meanwhile, Pankhuri ponders securing her future by staying close to Raj. Despite Shlok’s attempts to catch a glimpse of her face, she skillfully avoids it.

Upon Anju’s offer of water, Sumeet immediately dismisses it, convinced that their house must be cursed due to the presence of a traitor in their midst. While Ankurhi is her primary suspect, Shlok vehemently denies the possibility, refusing to believe that anyone in their family could be collaborating with the enemy. In an attempt to identify the traitor, Sumeet suggests a ritual where a piece of paper with the culprit’s name and past betrayals will reveal itself. However, this idea is met with anger from Shlok who douses the fire pit and refuses to participate. Dadi proposes searching through everyone’s belongings, prompting Sumeet to remove her disguise and confront the reality head on. Meanwhile, Poonam breathes a sigh of relief as she checks her cupboard and realizes that no one has caught on to her treachery yet. Shocked by this discovery, Sumeet bravely confronts Poonam about her actions.

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