Anupama 16th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 16th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upon returning home, Anuj and Anupama are shocked by Romil’s rave alcohol party. Anuj stops the music. Romil arrogantly asks who stopped it. Anuj says he did. Romil pushes him, calling him a moron. Everyone is shocked. Anupama asked what kind of behavior this is. He called her a vulgar name. Anuj slapped him hard, causing him to fall onto a table.

Toshu brings Samar to Vanraj. He says if Romil had finished his vulgar word for Anu, he would have broken Romil’s face. Akush lifts Romil and gets angry with Anuj. Samar asks him to sit as he wants to talk. He asks what he wants to talk about or if he wants to give an earful. As he holds Samar’s hand, he asks if he’s okay, by the way he called him. Samar nods in agreement.

According to Hasmukh, no matter how much fathers and sons may argue or fight, their conversations will never truly come to an end. As children grow up, they often end up being like two sides of a river with the mother serving as the bridge between them. In his parenting style, Hasmukh showed more affection towards his daughter Dolly, while only hugging Vanraj during his early years. However, he believes that a father should also show love and care towards his son and ask about his well-being. Similarly, a son should not hesitate to embrace his father and open up about his feelings before it’s too late. In the meantime, Toshu brings coffee for everyone as Vanraj apologizes to Dimple if he had hurt her. The four of them enjoy the coffee together while Dimpy watches from a distance, wondering if Vanraj is trying to manipulate Samar against her.

As Anuj tongue lashed elders for silently watching a child’s misbehavior and allowing him to throw rave alcohol, he warned Romil’s friends to file a complaint against them for procuring alcohol illegally and instructed them to take a taxi or walk instead of driving their cars home. The friends left. Romil yelled, who are you sending my friends away, call me back.

Anuj explains that he wouldn’t have reacted this way had he been thinking clearly, proceeding to douse his face with water. He mentions that Romil is not of legal drinking age and that alcohol is prohibited in their state, making its sale illegal. Anupama expresses gratitude that Pakhi notified her about the party, allowing them to prevent any possible issues with the police. Romil becomes angry at Pakhi for keeping her secret and provoking their mother against him, prompting Anuj to warn him to treat Pakhi with respect or risk being kicked out of the house.

Having to balance family and wife is important for a man, Vanraj tells Samar. Hasmukh says he tolerates Leela’s nonsense and even criticizes her. Toshu says they all love and care for him. Vanraj says a man maintains silence to maintain peace at home, but sometimes being too silent spoils peace at home. Samar says it’s great that they’re talking to him after so much.

Besides, Vanraj says he is his baby and why wouldn’t he care for him. Toshu says they will have such talks every month. Hasmukh says they will have coffee pe charcha. The man says he stayed in his parents’ house for the love and care of his parents and wants his children to carry on his legacy. They all hug one another and smile. Vanraj says keeping these relationships alive is important. Dimpy stands anxious. Kavya passes by. Vanraj thinks this relationship needs to be fixed.

As Anuj continues to tongue lash Ankush for letting his son spoil in front of him, he claims Romil is ruining his future and will not end up anywhere. As Romil asks Ankush if he brought him here to be insulted by everyone, his mother left with her boyfriend, even his father should abandon him, etc…


Pakhi is reprimanded by Adhik for crossing her limits, prompting Anu to intervene. Pakhi defends herself by stating that it’s typical for couples to have conflicts. However, Anupama firmly believes that physical violence should never be a part of any relationship. Pakhi argues that she also holds Adhik accountable when he makes mistakes. Anupama points out that Pakhi’s rude behavior and Adhik’s unacceptable actions can ruin marriages. Undeterred, Pakhi asserts that Anupama has no right to lecture on relationships as she is still learning herself. She concludes by stating that she will not leave Adhik and her decision is final.

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