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The family is still fighting mindlessly even though Vanraj left 30 minutes ago. He advises them to listen carefully as he has a crucial conference call in a few minutes and his first project depends on it. He wants a pin-drop quiet. Leela says Samar’s mother refused to take the responsibility and she is saying no, so he should decide to end this discussion.

Samar begins laughing when Vanraj tells her that he does not want any drama. Vanraj asks what is so funny. Samar says drama. As Barkha tells Anupama, looking at her house, it appears she lived a luxurious life. She asks servants to keep Anupama’s stuff inside the house.

Anupama offers water to servants and says she will bring tea for them. When she returns home, the servants see that they will have tea. Samar pulls a chair and sits in it. Vanraj sits in front of him and asks him to speak. Paakhi thinks Samar will get bashed today. Samar says everyone put forth their opinion, and now he will share his. Vanraj asks what he wants to say.

As Barkha tells Anupama, she packed her stuff in suitcases and boxes. She asks if she will have a juice since it’s hot here and she shouldn’t stay here long or her makeup will spoil, and she should tell staff to take everything away since she doesn’t need it. Barkha says it’s all her stuff. Barkha cannot pack anything in a box, according to Anupama.

Since she doesn’t have anything here anyway, showing greatness and keeping it is of little use to Barkha. Kanta says if she’s so worried about her daughter, she should bring everything since she still owns Kapadia Mansion. Bhavesh says let’s move Barkha here and we’ll be fine. Barkha blabbers nervously.

Kanta says her daughter doesn’t need anything, but Barkha should keep in mind that security guards shouldn’t act like owners. It was Barkha’s intention to bring this stuff to help Anupama, but Anupama says humans come to help not stuff. Barkha will not know this because she has never won hearts. Anuj told Barkha what to do.

Vanraj asks Samar what he has to say. He insists that he would willingly lay down his life for his family, yet they have never done anything for him in return. Throughout his childhood, he has labelled a failure and disregarded by everyone but his mother, and he was expected to meet his duties as a son with no expectations in return. Now he believes it is time for a change. Despite being so tired, he helped Leela and Kinjal in the kitchen after that even when the others backed off from their responsibilities. He also took care of household expenses with extra classes when none of them had jobs.

Kinjal says everyone acknowledges Leela’s sacrifice. Samar asks why he didn’t stand up for him, and Leela asks why nobody wants to take up her responsibility. As Barkha tries to leave, Anupama asks her to take back all the stuff. Barkha says Anupama’s instructions, Anupama’s a fool after so much happening. Anupama continues requesting. Barkhha shouts if she thinks she brought this stuff by herself, she can speak to Anuj.

Samar insists that he should have the same freedom as Toshu and Paakhi to marry whoever he chooses, without fear of judgement. Vanraj emotionally explains why it is not an option, revealing his concern for the family’s history of broken relationships – with experience being a hard teacher. He hopes that while they remain boyfriend and girlfriend, everything remains good, though recognises that things can often change after marriage.

As Samar can see, Toshu and Kinjal, Anupama and Anuj are concerned about him and stopping him for his own good. Saamr asks a family that is passing on his responsibilities like a football where even his mother doesn’t want him there. Anuj hesitates to call Anupama. Vanraj asks if he is mad and has forgotten his morals and sanskars in love.

While Samar was a sanskari until he wanted to marry a girl of his choice, he became disobedient. He breaks a vase angrily. Vanraj also gets angry, but Hasmukh tries to calm him down. Kavya says Samar was a good child. The boy says he doesn’t want to be a good kid because only good people are troubled, like his mother; Toshu and Paakhi are never harmed, but he is blamed.

Hasmukh pleads him to stop. Samar says he doesn’t want to be a good son from now on. Kinjal asks him not to speak what he wants to say. He says he won’t stop, and if they don’t want to take responsibility for him, he will leave this house.

Precap :
Anupama teaches kids dance.

As Ankush calls Anuj and Anupama back home, Maaya becomes anxious that Anuj will reconcile with Anupama.

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