Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th March 2023 Written Update


Keerat beating a bully who badmouths her sisters, and Sahiba says Keerat’s anger conceals a love. Angad calls Sahiba and she looks angry. Maid informs Sahiba that Angad is calling and looks angry. She worries for her family and Seerat. Angad is asked if he spent the night in the store room. Hansraj taunts him that he went to Sahiba’s store room to have a suhagraat/consummate with her. Japal warns him to mind his language.

Angad says Hansraj and Jasleen are right. Prabjot taunts Angad next. Manveer recalls Sahiba asking her if she could promise her son would not bother her or come near her. Angad asks what she did to him and how she trapped him and took him into her room. Sahiba says she could trap a 6-foot 26-year-old strong man easily and get into his room, but he forced his way in.

Keerat walks in injured with her coach, and Santosh watches the news of Sahiba and Angad’s reception and informs Ajith that Brars accepted Sahiba. Ajith says Sahiba has hidden her pain behind her smile since childhood. As national team selection is fast approaching, Santosh expresses her concern for Keerat. She says Keerat trashed a boy who bullied her, and she needs to control her anger.

Angad forced his way into Sahiba’s room and demanded to consummate with her. Sahiba pushed him away. Jasleen takes a hair strand from Angad’s shirt and says it looks like Sahiba’s.

Jasleen shouts at her to shut up. Inder doesn’t lie, Manveer says, and there is no husband-wife relationship between them; she says she is trying to hide her and her son’s mistake with her shout; she warns her not to forget the dignity of their relationship. Manveer’s world revolves around Angad, and she doesn’t wish to lose him to Sahiba.

Sahiba asks Angad what happened last night because he feels embarrassed. Sahiba says he will die in shame if she reveals what he did last night. Manveer shouts that Sahiba must have taken Angad to her room. She reminded Sahiba that she had locked her room door from outside. The drama continues.

During the precap, Sahiba tells Bebe and Daarji that she needs their permission. Daarji asks what kind of permission, and Bebe tells him she doesn’t want any drama in her house.

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