Meet Dramatic Revelations in 7th November 2023 Episode: Shlok Accuses Raj, Pankhuri’s Deception Unravels Written Update


Meet 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shlok briefs Sumeet about Raj being the mastermind and defends Pankhuri’s innocence. Curious, Sumeet inquires about Raj’s motives and demands evidence. Meanwhile, Pankhuri notices Shlok’s reflection in the car mirror and misinterprets his actions as Raj kissing her. An alarmed Shlok orders the driver to halt. Concerned, Sumeet asks for an explanation, and a furious Shlok reveals Raj’s inappropriate intentions towards Pankhuri. He adds that Raj is manipulating both Priyanka and Pankhuri’s feelings.

Sumeet refuses to believe that Raj could be capable of such an act, even if God himself were to tell her. On the other hand, Shlok plans to confront Raj and demands that he answer all his inquiries. Sumeet is left alone and heartbroken on the road as Shlok speeds away on his bike. Later, when Shlok returns home, he reflects on Dr. Sharma’s revelations about Raj’s request for fake reports to take Pankhuri to America. Upon Sumeet’s arrival in the room, Shlok expresses that while he never doubted her love for him, it seems her love for her brother has come between their relationship. He urges her to make a decision and retires to sleep outside.

Sumeet and Shlok are both overwhelmed with emotions. Sumeet sits in solitude while tears stream down his face, while Shlok paces anxiously. The distance between them is causing them both to feel a deep ache. Priyanka asks Sumeet to dry her hair to distract herself and notices the worry in his eyes. She then asks about Shlok’s whereabouts, to which Sumeet replies that he is at rehearsals. When Shlok returns, he distrusts people who easily break promises. Seeing Priyanka struggling to walk, Sumeet offers her support. Priyanka suggests that they talk things out before their misunderstandings worsen. Shlok then enquires about Raj’s arrival time, but Sumeet urges him not to say anything to Raj.

Shlok cautions Sumeet that any harm caused to his sisters by either her or Raj will not be forgiven. Later, Anju expresses her frustration to Rajeev regarding their loss of independence and establishment of their own company, as they now have to work under Poonam’s leadership. Despite Rajeev saying it’s essentially the same thing, Anju gets upset with him for not comprehending her concerns. However, Poonam interrupts and presents Anju with a gift – the keys to their house and safe. Poonam announces that Anju is now the CEO of their household, prompting a delighted hug from Anju.

Sumeet leads Raj into her room, expressing a desire to have a conversation with him. She hands over Meet’s photo and proceeds to answer any inquiries. Sumeet inquires if Raj truly loves Priyanka with his entire being. Raj consents and takes an oath on Sumeet’s and Meet’s names. Sumeet then asks if he has any feelings for Pankhuri as well.

Meanwhile, Shilok catches sight of Pankhuri attempting to harm herself using candle wax. She puts on an act and confesses to having deceived Priyanka while accusing Raj of coercing her. However, in front of Sumeet, Raj asserts that he has no love for Pankhuri whatsoever. This leads to Shilok confronting Raj about his actions.


Sumeet is about to tell Raj what the doctor said when Shlok interrupts in between and tells everyone that she and Raj are having a relationship. Poonam slaps Raj for his behavior.

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