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As Raj and Sumeet are together, he expresses his love for Sumeet and his dream of sending her to her husband’s house. As he shares how he witnessed Meet’s strength throughout the tough times, he is proud that Meet is in “Sumeet.” He hugs her warmly. After that, he instructs a servant to pack Sumeet’s belongings into the car.

It is Shlok’s intention to confess his love to Sumeet today and to gift her a saree as well. When he enters Sumeet’s room, he is surprised to see numerous gifts and clothes being arranged for her. Raj warmly embraces Shlok and hides the gift he bought, officially welcoming him to the family.

Poonam confides in Anju about her disbelief in Shagun’s actions while Dadi praises Sumeet’s honesty and encourages everyone to start anew. Later on, Ashok, Shlok’s uncle, gets drunk upon seeing his estranged wife in the market. Poonam also receives a call from Shagun, while Raj expresses to Shlok his desire to welcome him now despite not doing so before. As Sumeet opens the gift brought by Shlok, she discovers a beautiful saree inside. However, she explains to Raj that she has received enough love from him and her responsibilities now lie with Shlok, hence they cannot accept anything more from him.

Raj embraces both Shlok and Sumeet while Shagun persists in emotionally manipulating Poonam and Sumeet, bringing up Ashok’s wife who left due to poverty. She insists that Shlok’s limited income won’t be enough to sustain them and warns of a potential heartbreak for him if she were to leave. During a bike ride, as they reminisce about their shared moments, Sumeet expresses her confusion over why Shlok hasn’t confessed his love despite them acknowledging their relationship. In contrast, Shlok is eager to declare his love to the world.

Despite Poonam’s hesitation, Shagun consistently brings up Ashok and Rani as she tries to provoke her. She attempts to sway Poonam by warning her that Shlok may turn to harmful behaviors such as drinking and drugs to cope with heartache. This worries Poonam and leads her to make a decision against it. When Shlok returns home with Sumeet, they run into Bitti in the street. Shlok apologizes for everything that occurred, but Bitti shrugs it off and reminds him of their long-standing friendship since childhood. She warmly smiles at them, but later shows her disappointment.

Dadi suggests performing the grah pravesh ritual for Sumeet, but Poonam stops her, stating that he cannot enter the house. She explains that marriage involves two families and emphasizes the vast difference between their wealth and poverty. Shlok then brings up how Raj wanted to give Sumeet luxuries, which Poonam declined. He assures her that Sumeet will eventually adjust. Poonam also mentions Rani’s departure due to poverty and suggests separation may be for the best. Shocking everyone, she produces divorce papers and demands they sign them. Despite the emotional turmoil, Sumeet takes the papers and tears them apart.


Sumeet is unsure about Poonam’s behavior, after allowing her to stay in the house. Poonam clarifies that as a mother, she is worried about her son giving up so much for his love. To understand better, Sumeet asks for more information. Poonam then offers a plane ticket to Sumeet, implying that if she doesn’t want her husband to make sacrifices, she should leave his life forever. Curious, Sumeet asks about these sacrifices. However, Poonam is interrupted by Shlok making a gesture for her to remain quiet.

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