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Barsatein 4th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aradhana crying and saying nothing can get fixed. Pooja asks what do you want, tell me. Aradhana says I want Reyansh to tell everyone that I didn’t try to seduce him, and he’s wrong. She shouts I hate him and drops the vase. As she picks it up, she says sorry, I want Reyansh to accept his mistake and confess that he took revenge on me and ruined my life.

Pooja and Jagruti hug her. Bhakti scolds Harsh and says you have apologized to society, but who will apologize to me, you have stolen my daughter. If Krishnan tells mom and dad you did this for Revati, their anger will calm down. Aradhana says Bhakti will not be my real mother. Jagruti says I will try to help. Bhakti argues with Harsh. Jagruti says Bhakti got a letter and did not tell me anything. Pooja suggests we may be able to find out who Aradhana’s real mother.

Jagruti offers to uncover the truth. Bhakti becomes emotional. Harsh expresses his lack of forgiveness towards Aradhana for her actions. Jagruti suggests seeking help from Krishnan and Revati to reveal Mayank’s true identity, as she is determined to discover Bhakti’s biological mother. Overcome with emotion, Aradhana embraces Jagruti and acknowledges her as her sister. Reyansh denies any involvement in the situation and vows to hold the responsible person accountable for their actions. Despite this, Harsh insists that he and Aradhana are both at fault for the leaked video. Reyansh takes responsibility but promises to make amends by having the culprit apologize on his channel. In response, Harsh closes the door firmly behind him.

Revati asks why we are leaving the city, she wants to help Aradhana. Krishnan says you don’t know Reyansh’s madness, he threatened to kill me, we’re leaving. They leave. Vikram, Aradhana and Pooja arrive and find the gate locked. Aradhana asks why they left. Pooja says Reyansh’s anger would have scared him.

Reyansh comes to the office and asks why did you do this. Sunaina says I called you many times. He says you did this, I gave the chip to you, I told you to destroy it, so how did it leak? She asks if you are blaming me. Aradhana was jealous of you and you defamed her, right, you had a crush on me, so you did this, which you didn’t need to.

She says I have always tolerated your nonsense, our friendship spans 20 years, yet I will not offer any further explanation. He declares that you are fired, prompting a scolding from her before she storms out. Reyansh points the finger at Sunaina for his actions and decides to hire a new HR in the form of the other lady. However, she declines the offer, stating that she cannot work in an environment where women are falsely accused and friends are easily discarded. The other girl voices support for their boss’s decision but is quickly reprimanded by those present. Finally, Reyansh demands everyone to leave the room.

Aradhana’s earring appears in Reyansh’s cabin. He imagines her. He says I loved you, you went to Mayank. They talk. He says I didn’t send the video to anyone, I don’t want you and your parents to get in trouble. He says call Aradhana once, maybe it helps. She asks what you want. He calls Aradhana.

He says I didn’t leak that video. She says someone else did it, so what. He says he knows your parents are angry. He hears her take Mayank’s name. He says you deserve it, it’s right. Vikram ends the call. She says it’s the wrong number. He says she showed her truth, I hate her.

The lady at Mayank’s house tells Aradhana, Vikram and Pooja that she is his wife. Aradhana asks if he is married. Vikram says we are reporters. I saw you on TV, she says. Pooja gets angry at her. The woman scolds them. Reyansh breaks the things in anger. The lady says Mayank was blackmailing a 19-year-old girl, should we call the police?


The ring is removed by Aradhana’s wife. Vivek asks Reyansh to resign. Jagruti asks Bhakti to tell Aradhana about her mother.

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