Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Ishaan breaks down and tells Reva that his mother has never appreciated his victory, or hugged me in defeat. I used to miss my Aai when I would miss other children’s mothers when they cared for them and fulfilled their wishes. Whenever I was afraid in the night, I used to wish that my Aai would be with me, hug me, love me, and make me sleep singing lullabies, but she wasn’t there.

My Akka saheb was with me, and she cared for me. He says that for children, nothing is happier than a mother, which is why I hate her. Reva says that the pain is not Saathi, but Saarthi. She says we will learn from this and move forward, this is life. Samarth’s parents ask Bhavani what this misbehavior is. Bhavani apologizes to them and asks Savi to apologize as well.

Ishaan sincerely apologizes to Reva for both his outburst and emotional breakdown in front of her. He expresses embarrassment and acknowledges that she may have felt uncomfortable. Reva reassures him that tears are a natural release and can bring a sense of lightness, and that they have the power to reveal true emotions. She questions why he is apologizing for being honest with her and encourages him not to think that she is uncomfortable. Reva appreciates how special Ishaan made her feel by expressing his feelings towards her, and promises to always be by his side as he holds her hand. Ishaan smiles at her words. However, Reva starts feeling cold in the chilly weather. Attempting to keep her warm, Ishaan tries to start a fire but accidentally drops the matchstick into a pit, causing both of them to laugh. He then rubs her hands to provide some warmth.

Samarth’s father says Bhavani didn’t say her grand daughter is the cow with horns, she only said Savi has good values and is simple. Bhavani asks him to listen to her values. He says you have no respect in front of her eyes, and she was dancing on such a song and disrespected us, and she should have kept her respect by staying within her limits.

Savi says respect, limitations? She says you have suffocated your wife’s voice and feeling pride. She says you have come to our house and insulting us if you are not feeling shame. Samarth’s father says it is good that the truth has come out. He invites his son to come. He tells him that he loves Savi and wants to marry her. Bhavani is delighted.

Reva feels the music and believes she is connected to it. Ishaan also hears the music and suggests they go check it out. However, he voices his concern about disturbing others if they do so. Upon hearing this, Samarth’s father questions whether he should even engage with such a rude girl. Samarth intervenes, asking for a mere two minutes to talk privately outside. Once they are alone, Samarth confides in his father that although he had doubts initially, he now wants to marry the girl. Unimpressed, his father expresses his dislike for her. Undeterred, Samarth insists on marrying her with or without his father’s approval. Reluctantly, his father gives in but advises him to give up any bad habits he may have picked up from the girl. With a gesture mimicking someone under the influence of drugs, Samarth agrees and shakes hands with his father to seal their agreement.

Ashwini reminds Savi to behave properly and Savi questions if they are doing the right thing, adding that they deserve it. Samarth’s father informs Bhavani that he initially rejected the proposal but his son is interested in Savi. Shanta Bai turns to Mandar Rao and asks for confirmation. Mandar assures them that their only concern is the happiness of the children and admits that Savi can be rude, but they will handle her and she will change her ways. He promises that they won’t even recognize her behavior. Bhavani expresses her gratitude and thanks Mandar for overlooking Savi’s misbehavior, saying that she will fit in well with their family. Samarth’s grandmother embraces Bhavani and announces the alliance as finalized. Bhavani reciprocates the hug and requests Ashwini to bring some water.

Ishaan and Reva go to the music troupe playing music there. Reva asks the guy to sing the song. He plays guitar and sings the song. Reva sings, then dances with Ishaan. She is about to fall when Ishaan holds her. Everyone applauds.

Bhavani thanks Shanta Bai for choosing such a good guy for Savi. Shanta Bai is about to give sweets to Bhavani. Savi says she wants to say something. Shanta Bai asks even now, “what do you want to say?”. This is the matter of my life, she says. Samarth asks her to speak. She also says that she plans to finish her studies after marriage, and if they agree she will agree to marriage. Mandar agrees.

Shena Bai says they will finish their sakarpura. Samarth congratulates Savi and his hand shakes. Savi is shocked. He holds her hand with both hands. She takes back her hand. Bhavani gives her sweets and hugs her. She says that she feels fulfilled today in life.


As her marriage is set, and her engagement is on Sunday, Savi doesn’t know what to do. Isha asks her to speak to her badi Aaji. Savi says Badi Aaji won’t listen to her. Isha says if you want, we can file a police complaint, sometimes we must make decisions against ourselves or our loved ones. She says it is up to you to decide what to do.


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